Why 2018 is My Year of the Email Campaign

In case you haven’t been paying attention, I’ve dedicated 2018 to my Year of the Email. I’ve so far spent a chunk of my ‘spare time’ reviewing my client and e-subscriber touch points and mapping their e-journey with me so I can enhance it and make their experience better.

Email marketing is an important strategy to have in your business - so, whether you've been collecting email subscribers yet, or not, this blog explains why 2018 is your year of the email and why you need it for business growth. 

Some Stats About Email Marketing ROI

The ‘experts’ harp on about email marketing all.the.time. With good reason though – check this out:

That saying enough for you?

Why Email Should Be Your Focus in 2018

Have you heard about the changes to Facebook's algorithm?

Unless you proactively rejig your Facebook strategy, you’ll be flogging a dead horse.

They don’t care how educational your posts are, if your community aren’t engaged and on board – well, tough luck, kiddo – that post is being buried under the proverbial Facebook scrap heap.

Resigned to the Facebook black hole – kind of like that place in the Pacific where all nasty plastic goes to clog up our ocean and kill our marine life.

Business must shift its focus away from ‘selling on Facebook’ – Facebook, where you’re at the mercy of someone else’s policies; where you don’t own your content; where they could decide to sell up shop one day and all your contacts, conversations, and fans disappear with it.

Which is partly why I’m so excited about my Year of the Email.

The Benefits of Email Lists Over Social

You own your email subscriber list. You worked hard to get their attention – and now, you must work hard to keep it.

You have a direct line of communication to your subscribers. To engage, nurture, inspire, (and sell!).

Without someone else deciding what and when – you’re effectively cutting out that middle man and you’re connecting more intimately and directly with the people who want to hear more from you.

So, don’t waste this opportunity to get ahead with a better email campaign. Because, I (almost) guarantee 80% of your competitors will not be pursuing email effectively (if, at all).

Start By Mapping Your Current Subscriber Journey

If you already have an email list, but, you've been neglecting your subscribers - take a time out later today and map their current journey. 

Where and how are they joining?
What are they signing up for?
How are they being greeted?
What happens after they sign up?
What kind of subscriber-to-client journey are you taking them on?
Where are you tantalising them and treating them to your insights and freebies?
Where are your gaps and drop-offs?
What makes them unsubscribe?
What opportunities are there for you to introduce a call-to-action nurture campaign?
What's your current open-rate, click-through-rate, and ROI/conversion rate?

Once you know where your emails are at, you can design a more effective plan that enhances the subscriber experience.

A well-thought out and executed nurture sequence can make your subscribers fall madly in love with you (or. at least your GSOH, sparkling personality, and thought-leading insights) - and, eventually, lead them to buy from you.

Want to Kick Ass with Email?

If you know your emails are in shambles (or, non-existent) and you need help introducing an effective email nurture sequence – get in touch.

Emails are my totes fave - Submit an enquiry to work with me and we can explore some opportunities to get your business emails moving.