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Craft My Content - Digital Content Strategist

Content Madness Not Landing Sales?

Content Madness is totally a thing (like caffeine addiction).

It's your half-assed, wild, and chaotic approach to business marketing.  And, it's harming your brand and sales (your chaos, not the coffees). 

Without a content strategy, you're wasting your time trying to 'do' marketing! So;

Your blogs are boring.

Your social media posts are sporadic.

Your brand messaging is chaotic, confusing, and ineffectual

In truth, your content lacks your heart and soul.

You might feel overwhelmed and you're getting nowhere - but, you don't have to go it alone. 

I help you build your brand story, awareness, and authority with custom content planning, creative copywriting, and execution. In simple speak - I help your audience fall in love with you.

Kelly Stone - Craft My Content

Stop Hiding Behind Your Content

Want a super-engaged audience that seeks you out online?

Create a powerful, trusted, influencer brand that people instantly recognise as belonging to you; a brand people fall all over themselves to work with. Publish clever, branded content that connects with your tribe because it feels like you're sitting next to them sipping piccolos and sucking up the sunshine.

I'll help you:

  • define your unique, lovable, brand personality,
  • position your brand as the go-to authority in your space,
  • publish thought-leading, inspiring, entertaining content - consistently,
  • build genuine relationships with a warm and engaged online audience, and
  • maximise your content so you spend less time 'creating' (and more time on freedom), by
  • executing an intentional content plan that's strategically aligned with your business goals and objectives (like, umm, sales). WIN!

I'll take care of everything and free you up to get back into your business, being your hyper-caffeinated, ass-kickin' self.

Kelly-Stone - Crafty Copywriter


I'm a creative content writer and strategist for bodacious business brands yearning to create sticky content that makes wild hearts flutter; that reaches through tiny screens and smacks your people in the face like a pair of Louboutins in a clearance sale.

We're all drowning in digital noise but - a unique brand voice, genuine connection, and thought-leading content cuts right through all the crap. It humanises you. It helps you stand out.

I'll help you build a sparkling brand personality that people instantly recognise - an authoritative, personal brand that draws people in, connects, and earns their trust.

Sound like a dream?

Get in touch - or stalk more about me.

Ready to Create Kick-Ass Content?

Craft My Content - Content Plans

Launch your service or product with a custom marketing campaign

Build a hungry audience before you hit the big red LAUNCH button with a custom launch marketing campaign. We'll raise your brand awareness using the right content - your lead magnet, thought-leading blogs, email marketing, and social media captions so you can launch like a pro.

Craft My Content - Copywriting

Build brand expertise - Strategic content planning & writing

Organise, create, & schedule your marketing content in advance so you can build your brand expertise and authority. My content strategy and writing packages ensure you publish quality, on-brand content that maximises the impact of your blogs, emails, opt-ins, & social.

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Blitz your biz writing with 1:1 Content consults & workshops

Got a a bunch of ideas brewing inside of you but not sure how to bring them to life? Book your one-on-one time with me to brainstorm ideas, get feedback on your writing and strategy, and remove those idea blockages so you can start creating kick-ass content.  

The Fans Say:

You have been able to take an idea of what we want for our business and convert it into content for our website and marketing material. You’re a pleasure to deal with and we look forward to your help in future.
— — Craig, Bright Future Financial
Professional, personalised and prompt service! Recommended to everyone who struggles with keeping their writing to the point as Kelly is very good at perceiving big concepts and finding the key themes for your communication.
— Annina, Corporate Health & Wellbeing Strategist
Kelly helped build a robust marketing and content plan for (our) event to build the community of delegates. Additionally I’ve been working with Kelly on my own business brand and in such a short time she has already nailed the essence of who I am and what my business stands for with her terrific words. She is awesome to work with, very responsive, and I would highly recommend her to any business.
— Claire, Soulful Experiences

Want To Build A Brand That Sticks?

Let's Create Kick-Ass Content.

If you don't have the time, energy, or expertise to craft compelling online content for your brand or small business, let's make a date to caffeinate! 

Pop your details into the form to learn more, talk strategy, or, just, like, arrange a coffee.

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You can find me sipping piccolos around;

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ph: 0412 334 574