Learn to Level-up Your Work Words.

Practical content writing workshops so
your team can write stuff other people
actually want to read.

Are you all still writing the same way you have for the past fifteen years? Are you notoriously stuffy ‘n’ boring, and do your messages fail to cut through?

Thanks to our glorious interwebs and soul-destroying social media, consumer behaviours and expectations have changed; we’re now all eight-second consumers. So, if your words are boring as bat-shit and failing to connect with your talent - well, you already know the answer. No one engages with your message. No one connects with your brand. No one gives a damn about what you have to say.


As a professional communicator with years of experience in HR and recruitment, I can help your team get a clear understanding of content writing fundamentals and employer brand voice to write purposeful recruitment and employer content people actually enjoy reading.


In-house workshop topics:

Check out my specialty workshop topics below, or talk to me about customising an in-house workshop for your team.


Employer brand voice

Know your EVP but can’t for the life of ya figure out how to communicate it in your job ads, social posts, Linked In adverts, blog, and recruitment + onboarding emails? This half-day workshop will help you visualise your employer brand voice persona and tap into her vocabulary so you can sing pitch-perfect content every time.

Kelly Stone - Corporate writing workshops

Recruitment marketing strategy + words

When you’re writing job ads that deliver a handful of mis-matched applications (or thousands) you’re not writing to sell. Recruitment marketing is writing to sell - which means no more clichéd catch cries (“Exciting Opportunity!”), cut ‘n’ pasted job descriptions, or soulless automated candidate emails. Make every interaction with your brand count. Make every interaction sell your opportunity to the right people. Full day workshop.

Corporate content writing

Most people assume that because they went to university, or because they scored a B++ in high school English, their writing skills are rad AF. Sorry to break your heart, but it’s probably not true (or why else would you be here?). I draw on communication and journalism basics to help you craft a compelling message, throwing in a splash of copywriting and content marketing principles so you can jazz up your work words and make them more interestinger (blogs, emails, newsletters).