Why You Need Email Marketing for Business Growth

Why You Need Email Marketing For Business Growth

Everyone’s telling you that you need email subscribers – but, is it really that important? When you’re a business owner, it’s difficult to see the value when it requires so much of your time to set up. 

After all, you’re a one-person shop – sales, development, admin, tech, and finance. Then, you must find time to be the marketer as well?

Psychologically, when a task isn’t paying you $$$, it’s difficult trying to justify why you’d spend all that free time on it when you could be out meeting with clients. Who do pay you.

But, email marketing is your highest returning marketing investment - and I'm gonna tell you why.

These are the top 5 reasons why you need an effective email marketing strategy.



5 reasons why you need an email marketing strategy to grow your business

Email marketing can lead to 10x higher engagement than social media. Holey rusted metal rocks, Batman!

It’s free, direct, and has the highest return on investment, providing immeasurable value to your business over the long term.

1. Emails are personal

Your subscribers have given you permission to enter their home. They have invited you in and offered you a cuppa. They like you and they care about what you have to say. So, how you write to them must reciprocate that warm welcome. Be personal. Engaging. And appreciative of their invitation. Emails are also one-on-one. So, your subscribers have a direct and private line back to you if they ever have any questions.

2. Greater trust and connection

Emails provide you with an opportunity to further earn trust. You can share your personality, experiences, and knowledge – allowing you to build your authority on this subject matter. By developing a deeper connection with your subscriber – they will come to trust you and even rely on you to help them out.

3. Regular contact

Emails are an opportunity to regularly connect with your subscriber. You become a familiar face, regularly popping up at the front door (like, every Tuesday for dinner). Down the track when they need something you offer, you’re the first name they’ll think of.

4. Targeted info/content

Your subscribers signed up to hear from you because they are interested in your content. Whether it was your cheat sheet, workbook, or e-course – they were willing to give up something private to get it; from you. And, because you now know what they like – you can tailor the content you deliver so they only receive what’s most relevant to them. Jab, jab, jab, hook.

5. You own your list

If Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, and twitter all died tomorrow – you’d still have your email subscriber list. A direct line with a bunch of people who are interested in what you do. Plus, you control what, when, where, why, and how you talk to them!


I get it. I understand that time is money – and that money is what’s feeding your family dinner tonight. But, it’s important you explore an email marketing strategy for your business if you want an engaged audience you can rely on as a source of income over time.

Don’t be like me and keep putting it on the back burner while you take on more and more work! I knew I was missing out, so last month I roped in my cousin to help get me on top of my content marketing. And, it's doing wonders for me; my health, sanity, and business.

So - just get started. Block out 2 hours in your diary this week, 2 hours again next week, and start setting this up.

Are you ready to master your email marketing in 2018?

Get in touch to work with me and design a more effective email sequence that makes your list work harder for you.

My email nurture sequences work like this, I;

  • map your current subscriber journey,
  • identify the gaps and drop-offs,
  • design your new plan and CTA (I'll help you brainstorm your opt-in),
  • craft an engaging, purposeful email nurture sequence, and
  • set up your email automation so it's all systems go (and you can kick on bustin' ass in your business).

That's it - email sequence, taken care of. Woot.

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