Ready to Clink KeepCups, Bump Brains, and
Chat Content?

(A bit like an FAQ, here’s all you need to know about working with moi)

Who do you work with?

I'm a creative writer and former recruiter obsessed with personality-infused copy. Humour. Sarcasm. Puns. Respectfully providing value while building relationships with your audience.

I work best with bold, punchy recruiters and employer brands providing professional services, like finance, consulting, and HR. Brands that dare to have an expressive face, a spring in their step, and humanity in their heart.

When I get my mitts on these folks’ content, grey leaves the stage and colourful takes the spotlight!

Work with Kelly Stone

Why does fit matter?

As much as I'd love to take that wad of cash your flashin', it's important we're a good copy fit.


Are you ready to commit to a lasting content strategy that’ll impact?

Do my words make your heart smile, your head nod, and your hands fist pump the air with a 'hells yeah!'?

If you've been reading my copy wishing that your website, blogs, and emails were written in a fun and playful tone like this, chances are, I'm the caramel twist to your half strength, soy latte.

Disorganised perfectionist? We might not be the best fit. Please do not call. Do not write. I’m busy that week.

What's it like working with a freelance content writer?

If you haven’t worked with a freelancer before, here’s what you need to know.

I work with you to meet your deadlines where reasonable, but:

I'm not your doctor. I'm not on call.

I'm not your chained-to-the-desk employee. I can't drop everything to meet your demands when you finally decide to get your shit together (which is why we'll work best if you're organised, too!).

I'm not your personal assistant. I won't chase you for your input or reviews. We work to a schedule, both committing to our role in completing your project on time.

Think of a freelancer like a sought-after hairdresser. You can't just show up and expect a cut, colour, blow dry. You usually need to book - weeks or a month in advance.

Righto - the benefits, but?

Unlike *most* agencies, freelancers provide a 1:1 service. That means I work with you from the initial briefing call, I write all your copy and I perform all the edits, harassing you at every possible opportunity I can find along the way to make sure you are really pickin’ up what I’m puttin’ down.

Seriously, you have to love it or I’ll never sleep again.

So, what exactly can a content writer do for me?

Start with my services pages to see what tasty content treats are on my menu.

Unlike other content writers, I specialise in designing communication plans that align your content (all the words) with your business goals and objectives. This means your new content can do what you want it to do.

I also write killer, relationship-driven copy for your job ads and recruitment communications. My words connect with your candidates and engage them with your business via blog articles, email campaigns, client and candidate email on-boarding sequences, and on-brand jazz-handsy social media posts.

I don't write website copy or sales pages. But, if you're looking to spice up your website so it compliments your recruitment content, I can introduce you to a website copywriter who can work web word magic.

If I hire you - will you guarantee me millions of fans?

Unfortunately, content marketing just doesn't work that way (it's a marathon not a sprint). Plus, a lot still depends on you, too.

Like, how established your current brand is, the quality of your existing network, your social media activity and marketing habits, tech savvy, and the tools you're using.

I will use my best content strategy and creativity to help you build a relationship-driven employer brand, and if everything is humming along on your end, we’ll be maximising our chances for success.

Craft my content - work with me

How do you take your coffee?

I take my coffee like I take my chocolate - long and black. I've also been witnessed sipping miniature coffees with my pinky lifted. Très chic.

How do I pay?

All work requires an upfront payment of some sort to secure your booking. Whether that's in full (projects under $600), 50/50, or 40/30/30 - I'll send you an invoice with payment options via Stripe (credit card) or electronic bank transfer.

Are we a matcha made in heaven?

If all this sounds like your perfect cup of joe, the process is pretty simple from here!

Just pop your details into my enquiry form and I'll be in touch within 24 hours. I'll either respond to your enquiry in an email or try scheduling a call to explore your project requirements in more detail.