Attract Top Talent to Your Business. 

Seriously Unboring Employer Branding & Recruitment Communication

There's no point spending thousands of dollars on expensive advertising and recruitment tools, training, and on-boarding, if the people you're hiring aren't going to last three months!

You want to hire the best fit, but, the challenge is always finding them and convincing them that they want you, too.

I'll help you write personable, conversational, captivating copy for your job ads, recruitment emails, social media marketing, website, and company blog.

Time to ditch the verbose and start gettin' real - genuine, that is.



Job ads and recruitment marketing isn’t meant to be corp-speak-gobbledygook. It should be written for the humans you’re trying to attract to your organisation.
— me, 2018

Kelly Stone - Recruitment Copywriter

Recruitment Marketing Copywriting Services

Once upon a time, I worked in recruitment and corporate HR roles building graduate employer brands for public and private sector organisations. This is my jam and I'm ready to get crackin'.

Here's a short list of the cool stuff we can do to polish your employer brand during recruitment:

1. Brand voice strategy

Got an employer brand that's not cutting through?

I'll help you shine bright like a flawless diamond in a coal pit with a remarkable employer brand voice and key messages for your target market.

2. Breathe new life into job ads

Does anyone even read that regurgitated crap anymore? 

I'll help you write job ads that arouse, entice, and convert top talent.


3. Recruitment campaign communication

Communicate clearly, compassionately, and consistently throughout your entire recruitment process with carefully crafted campaign comms and employee on-boarding sequences.

I'll help you build effective relationships with your candidates from the beginning. You'll educate, inform, and inspire talent while sharing your employer story. 

4. Email nurture marketing and brand engagement

What do you do with your silver medallists once recruitment is finalised?
Don't drop it while they're hot.

Keep your talent community warm with:

  • email nurture marketing, and
  • employer brand engagement. 


5. Thought leadership articles

Elevate your thought leadership and brand awareness – share your knowledge and advice in corporate blog posts and connect with inspired, new talent.


* Unboring recruitment packages start from -  4,297 AUD  |  3,287 USD

Employee engagement communication

Thought you'd be building your employer brand with existing employees? You should check out my corporate writing services.

Not sure if I'm the right gal for you? Hey - that's cool. You can stalk more about me here.