Attract Top Talent to Your Business. 

Seriously unboring employer branding & recruitment communication

 Spending thousands of dollars on expensive advertising and recruitment tools, yet still not attracting the right people to your roles? You need words that connect.

I help bold employers amplify their brand with pitch perfect recruitment content. Job ads, social posts, and candidate emails loaded with double helpings of brand personality and extra memorability on the side for dipping. Words that make you stand out in the marketplace and bring the right talent to your door.

Let’s put an end to boring, sucky job ads that no one reads.

job ads quote

“Job ads and recruitment marketing aren't meant to be corp-speak-gobbledygook.

It should all be written for the humans you're trying to attract to your organisation.”

- Me, 2018

Recruitment Marketing Copywriting Services

I’ve worked in recruitment and corporate HR roles building graduate employer brands for public and private sector organisations - and I have the paper cuts to prove it. This is my jam.

Here's a short list of the cool stuff we can do to polish your employer brand for more successful recruitment:

1. Employer brand voice strategy

Kelly Stone - recruitment marketing copywriter

Is your employer brand falling on deaf ears? Or the wrong ears? If so, you might need a brand voice makeover.

I'll help you belt out your tune with a distinct employer brand voice guide that speaks loud and clear to candidates who fit your values and talent needs. You can then communicate freely and consistently in your emails, blogs, LinkedIn articles, and social media captions.


2. Putting the 'ad' in job ads

Your job advertisement is not a description. It's an ad. You're selling your role as well as your organisation’s heart, culture, and opportunities.

I'll help you write job ads that arouse, entice, and convert top talent, so you can attract better quality applicants and spare yourself time wading through one-million ill-fitting resumes. Skip the ugly step-sisters and put that slipper straight on Cinderella!
(Check out the job ad packages here.)

3. Candidate experience communication

Think words never hurt you? Poor recruiter communication is a leading cause of negative candidate experiences. Engage your future employees from the beginning with motivating recruitment campaign communication and on-boarding emails.

Personalise their experience and connect them with your brand, culture, and people by communicating clearly, consistently, and energetically throughout your entire recruitment and on-boarding experience. Hey presto! Happier, more engaged employees.

4. Talent nurturing and brand engagement

Don’t let all those talented silver medallists slip away! If you wrap up interviews with a merit list of quality candidates but no vacancy to appoint them, stay connected and nurture your talent pipeline.

Keep your talent community warm with:

  • email nurturing campaigns, and

  • newsletters, thought-leadership articles and recruitment blogs to boost engagement.

You'll have a ripe talent community to refer to for future opportunities so you can avoid wasting resources on expensive recruitment campaigns. The best part? It can all be automated, which means you can set it and forget. Sweet.


5. Thought leadership articles

Elevate your thought leadership and brand awareness. Share your knowledge and advice in corporate blogs and LinkedIn articles so you can connect with inspired, new talent.


Some other neat stuff I can do:

  • set up a talent attraction plan

  • write social media campaign captions to promote your vacancies

  • write interview guides and questions to get the best fit for your business

  • coach hiring managers through recruitment and interview process

  • sit on interview panels

  • write your careers website copy


**These extra bits and bobs are only available as part of a campaign package and for south-east Queensland only.

Still deciding if I'm the right gal for you? Hey - that's cool. You can stalk more about me here.