Want to Build a Bangin' Business Brand? 

I'll Help You Stand Out. 

You're a bit different.

Never one to settle for average or same-same. Always one to stand out (even just a little).

You're tired of seeing the same kind of content; boring, purposeless, soulless.

You want to be different.

You know you need to build a brand personality, only, you don't know how to do that with your words.

Well, grab that bottle of red, stick in a straw, and kick back. Because, I help bodacious business owners amplify their killer brand voice through pitch perfect content; planning, creation, and execution. 


Pitch Perfect Content

  • No longer will you look at another brand's words and wish you could write like that!
  • No longer will your eyes turn green with envy when you see your boss friends kick-ass on their social profiles, flawlessly, effortlessly, and think how does she do it?
  • No longer will you aspire to be the brand that everyone aspires to be!

I'll help you find your brand voice and, through clever content planning + creation, we'll build a relationship-driven, personable brand. 

Wanna see if we're a brand voice fit?


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How I'm Different

Regular copywriters work per project. A blog here, a blog there - but, no overarching strategy that ensures what you create is serving your business a purpose.

I understand the power and practice of strategic content planning.

I understand the technicalities of writing and storytelling.

I have the creativity and authenticity to bring your beautiful brand story to life.


Content that resonates

I help you identify your brand voice so you can amplify it.

I understand your audience, who they are, how they talk, and the way they order their coffee. I create content that connects with them; that lures new faces, and reconnects with old ones. All artfully written in your brand voice (no one will ever know!).

Content that's intentional

I help time-poor business owners take control of their content.

I design clever content plans that ensure everything you create serves a purpose. Every blog is re-purposed into multiple formats - a video tutorial, podcast, quote, or infographic. You'll stop wasting hours working out what to create only to hear crickets. 

Content made for relationships

I help you build genuine relationships through your blog, social posts, and email.

Authentic email communication and on-boarding is the golden ticket to long-term brand love - Whether you're building an employer brand or client brand, emails are where your people truly fall in love with you. 


Oh, hey! 

I amplify business brands for creative entrepreneurs + boss-ladies.

I help you overcome content madness so you can publish with purpose. More than "just" a copywriter - I design and implement clever content strategy that aligns powerful marketing messages with business goals.

I'm Kelly, Nice to meet you.

I love to write.

I followed my passion for the written word all the way into university; notching up qualifications in journalism and corporate communication before falling into graduate recruitment and corporate HR.

My speciality was creating kick-ass web and social media strategies that built graduate employer brands as employers of choice. Clever, sometimes bold, visual and emotive storytelling that connected with our young audiences. 

Being at the coal-face of employer branding and HR, I saw a gap in the way business communicates with their people - talent, customers, and community. The safety switch set to bland corporate jargon lacking enthusiasm or emotion.

But, dull content doesn't stick.

In 2016, I became a freelance copywriter. I now help corporates, creative entrepreneurs,  and small business owners build a bangin' influencer brand that converts through connection.

My mission for Craft:

I believe that businesses must celebrate their humanness through a creative communication strategy that aligns their brand personality, expertise, and purpose with strategic business goals.


Don't dilly dally.

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