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Snag the right candidates with targeted job ads

Lemme write your job ads in a punchy tone that accurately reflects your awesomeness. Let me save you from job ad clichés and empty rhetoric with targeted job ad copy and marketing messages that excite and delight. Yes. It IS possible to write an exciting job ad. Ask me and I’ll show you.

These campaign packages are fully briefed, researched, and targeted to attract your ideal candidates, so your problem won’t be finding ‘one’ - it will be deciding ‘which one’ to say “no” to.

The Small-Time

800 AUD | 575 USD

You’ll get:

  • 1 x targeted job ad copy

  • 45min strategy call

  • 2 x social media promo captions

  • Employer brand voice survey

The Big-Time

3,750 AUD | 2,699 USD

You’ll get:

  • 1 x targeted job ad copy

  • 90min strategy call

  • 8-part recruitment campaign email sequence (reusable)

  • 5-part onboarding email sequence (reusable)

  • 4 x social media promo captions and schedule

  • Employer brand voice survey

Hiring a specialist or executive-level role? Add on an attraction strategy to enhance your campaign ($550).

Just want someone to take care of your entire recruitment process?
Ask me about my recruitment management service (for SEQ locations only).

Are you an agency recruiter who detests writing job ads?

If you hate writing ‘em, I guarantee your job-hunters hate reading ‘em. A well-crafted job ad takes time to write for it to be effective.

Let me take care of your job ads so you can get back to doing what you do best - schmoozing with top talent and clients and playing heavenly match-maker. I write, you recruit.

Talk to me about my job ad bundles for recruitment agencies for a heavenly discount.

What I looked like in    my people-schmoozing days   …

What I looked like in my people-schmoozing days