Punchy Launch Marketing Campaigns

New Service Launch Marketing Campaigns

Ready to Get Your Launch Party Started? 

Got a bright-and-shiny new digital product, service, or promotion you’re DYING to launch?

Before you race in guns-a-blazin’ – make sure you’ve mapped out an effective marketing campaign.


Because – no one will buy from you when:

·         They don’t know you exist

·         They don’t know what you're selling

·         They don’t know why what you're selling is going to #totallychangetheirlife

Lemme guess – your last launch was a flop. You’ve been down this launch road before and suffered the devastating, soul-crushing sounds of silence #ouchies

What usually goes wrong with a sales launch:

SPONTANEITY - You drop it when it's hot but, don’t spend any time on marketing to build demand or curiosity in advance.

WRONG AUDIENCE – You don’t tap into the hungry audience your product was born to appease.

YOU DIDN'T START WITH WHY – You fail to sell the pain points your product gallantly aims to cure (AKA benefits).

Don’t ever drown your gorgeous face in a half-strength soy mocha latte ever again.

Learn how to build a launch marketing campaign with extra kick.


Launch Your New Product or Service with A Triple Shot

If your last launch was a spontaneous, soul-crushing flop - or, this is your first launch and you want to make better use of your time, energy, and resources with more purposeful content marketing - 

The Triple Shot is for you. 


Brand & Product Positioning + Powerful Planning + Clever, Consistent Content


It’s a relationship-driven content marketing campaign, designed by a copy writing content strategist (that’s me).

I’ll take the worries away from your marketing and help you create a fun, sticky, delicious launch awareness campaign so you can focus on polishing that fabulous idea!

Triple Shot Launch Marketing Campaigns

What you get

A three month content marketing campaign calendar; the ideal length of time to warm your target audience up for the big reveal!

It includes:

  • a 60-minute branding strategy call to identify your brand personality, values, and goals
  • a 3-month editorial calendar to organise your emails and blogs, including repurposing ideas
  • an opt-in funnel strategy to suit your business idea
  • an 8-part email nurture sequence, for existing subscribers or your opt-in
  • written content for 12 x blogs – (9 x 400-600 words, 3 x 1,000+ words)
  • campaign content for 2 x social media posts per week over 12 weeks
  • a brand audit and competitor research
  • Performance monitoring and analytics



Triple Shot 3-Month Launch Campaign Strategy

8,997 AUD  |  7, 050 USD

* Three easy payments - 40% upfront to secure your project, 30% when your project commences, and 30% upon completion.


Why Work With Me?

I amplify business brands for creative entrepreneurs, coaches + service-based boss-ladies.

I help you overcome content madness so you can publish with purpose. More than "just" a copywriter - I design and implement clever content strategy that aligns powerful marketing messages with your business goals.

My background is in employer branding and engagement. So, I focus on content that resonates with audiences and builds powerful long-term relationships.

I have qualifications in Journalism and Communications, so I understand the power and practice of strategic content planning.

I understand the technicalities of writing and storytelling.

And, I have the creativity and authenticity to bring your beautiful brand story to life.

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Kelly Stone - Copywriter and Content Strategist