Engage Your People. Make 'em Love You.

Captivating Corporate Words for Connected Employees.


Your corporate words don't need to sound like they're...

… written by a committee

… pulled from a technical policy last seen in 1990

… trying to kill people by extreme boredom.


Start gettin' real with your messaging. 

Start being human and connect with your people using conversational words drenched in your dazzling personality.  Words written by people FOR people.

I'll help you identify your employer voice, language, and story so you can be sure your employees are tuning in, and not tuning out.


Kelly-Stone - Corporate Writing

Corporate Writing Services

If you're ready to stop talkin' crap and overloading your employees with boring corporate drivel - we should talk. Here's how I can add some schparkle to your corporate words:

1. Employee engagement communication plans

Got an important message you need to communicate? Make sure it makes an impact. Plan a communication campaign so your message sticks.


2. New starter on-boarding emails

Communicate purposefully from the beginning. Engage your new employees during on-boarding with emotive storytelling and brand engagement. I can help you create your concept and its copy.

(Have you seen my seriously unboring recruitment comms packages?)

3. Newsletters, emails, and blog writing

Have you been sharing the love in a corporate newsletter or blog? Or, maybe you'd like to start?

With your brand voice in mind, I'll craft engaging employee news stories that humanise your brand and connect your people with your purpose.

4. Employee profiles

There's no better way to boost employee morale and engagement than by celebrating your people. Your employees are what drive your business brand success. 

I'll interview and craft inspiring employee stories that recognise and reward your greatest business asset.


* Captivating content packages start from -  3,375 AUS  |  2,597 USD

Talent community engagement

Attract the right talent to your business with seriously unboring job ads and recruitment content. Check out my employer branded content services. 

Like what you see?

Get in touch to discuss your business or recruitment communication needs. 

We can start small or aim tall. With a coffee, that is.

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