Want to Snap Up a Bargain?

Get-Yo'-Ass-Into-Gear with a 1:1 mini-session


Everyone likes to try before they buy. Fair 'nuff - You want to make sure you're getting bang for ya buck. 

So, I put together this shiny intro offer for new clients. 

It's a sparkler - bound to help you get your marketing ass into gear.


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With a clever content action plan

Schedule in your GYAIG mini-session and together we'll map out an action plan so you can better promote your business online.

For a one-off $499, you'll get:

  • 75-minute skype/zoom strategy call
  • Your session choice from;
    • business marketing 101 - get a grip on your basics
    • how to create your strategic content plan
    • how to position your brand expertise
    • how to refine your brand voice for better copy
    • your ideal opt-in ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ and nurture campaign
  • Walk away with a basic action plan to get your content moving in a more purposeful, intentional way that helps you meet marketing objectives.

Sticky enough for you? Let's talk.

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I'll help you understand your marketing plan

  • Got a a bunch of marketing ideas brewing inside of you but, not sure how to bring them to life?
  • Love to write your own stuff but, not sure if your style, content, and personality are more snore-fest than adore-fest?
  • Or, maybe you just started a new business but don't know how to generate engagement with the content marketing thingee?

I want to take the stress and confusion of content marketing away from your beautiful brain.

I want to sit down with you and talk about your business brand and marketing objectives. Like, what are you really trying to achieve?

Build brand awareness?

Build social engagement?

Convert web traffic into sales?

Your objective determines what content you create and how you publish.

So, if you're struggling to understand your business brand and how and where you should be communicating online - we should talk.

Schedule your 1:1 mini-session with moir and we'll get your ass into gear, turning you into a content marketing machine. Woot woot!


Not sure if I'm the right gal for you? Hey - that's cool. You can stalk more about me here