Content Marketing Madness (noun)

Meaning: a state of wild or chaotic publishing activity

Are you churning out content like a mad scientist; shuffling around your tiny cave lab, scurrying to push out blogs and social posts to maintain your 'brand presence' but, always seem to find yourself surrounded by the disappointing sound of *crickets*?

Content without a strategy is time wasted producing crap that doesn't lead you to your end goal (SALES!).

You want to create content that impacts on your audience; that builds your brand authority and influence.

Start with a content marketing plan that incorporates your business goals.

Then, connect with your audience using clever, purposeful content lacquered with your alluring brand voice.

Kelly Stone - Copywriter

Content That Builds a Stand-Out Brand

What if you started producing personality-infused business content you felt proud to share?

What if you had a strategy in place that would leverage all of your content and make the most out of every piece?

What if you could reduce the hours you spend 'creating' and had the freedom to spend more time in your business 'doing'?

What if you could create intentional content aligned with your business goals, so you can build a powerful brand presence?

Content plan + personality-infused content + consistency = conversion.

What I can do for you:


Content Marketing Strategy

You've been in business for more than 2 years now. You know who you are, and who you serve, but you're struggling to build your brand awareness. You lack consistency. Your content doesn't make an impact.

My fully-loaded Content Marketing Strategy helps you publish with purpose.

You know what, when, where, and why you publish your content:

  • defined brand voice, personality, & style guide
  • competitor research
  • defined content marketing objectives & business goals
  • defined content arcs, themes, & opportunities (opt-in strategies) 
  • choice of 3 to 12 month editorial and social media content calendars that tell you what to publish, where, and when.

Dump your content marketing blues, ditch the crappy, boring, soulless content - and start communicating a powerful personal brand, intentionally.

Basic 3-Month Editorial Plans from 550 AUD  |  455 USD

Fully Caffeinated Content Strategy from 1,710 AUD  |  1,400 USD

Crafty Copywriting / Ghostwriting

If you're a time-savvy business owner, you know your time's better spent working in your business making moulah (and not staring into space, mindlessly 'creating content' *typie typie typie*).

If you need more than strategy to master your content - I also provide creative content writing / copywriting / ghostwriting.

Wait, WTF is Content?

I specialise in blog writing, email campaigns, e-newsletters, client on-boarding, opt-in nurture sequences, video scripts, and funked up social media posts that convert via connection.

My content writing services guarantee magnetic, personality-infused content written in your audience's language so you build genuine relationships with the right people.

Monthly 4xBlog Packs from 899 AUD  |  699 USD

Custom Email Campaigns from 950  |  780 USD


I'm not just a copywriter who puts words on a page - I'm a digital content strategist. I'll work with you to refine your killer brand voice and then tailor all of your content so it's Tim-Tam-dunkin', caffeine-drunken, lead-generatin' magic aligned with your business goals.

Not sure if I'm the right gal for you? Hey - that's cool. You can stalk more about me here.