What Most People Do Wrong with Content Marketing

Think you’ve got this content marketing shebang down pat? Truth is, there’s more to it than a blog post or a pretty Insta feed.

Content marketing without strategy is really just content – content is really just you wasting time publishing stuff that doesn’t move your business closer to your desired goals.

So, if you’ve got a hot new product launch approaching, or, you’re trying to build your brand authority as a thought-leading business coach, the content you publish needs strategy or it won’t work.

Let’s mix things up this week with a short post about ‘what not to do’ –

4 Common Mistakes Publishing Content

Four Common Mistakes Businesses Make When They Publish Content

1. There’s no plan.

You’re running around your blog and your social media feeds like a headless chicken. Cluck cluck – POOOOST! Cluck cluck cluck POOOOOST. There’s no goal or strategy – you just post whenever the heck you damns feel like it. Problem is - it’s hard to make progress on business goals when you’re not proactively or effectively marketing your brand. It's time you made a plan, Jan.

2. There’s no consistency.

You’re not reliable. People can’t trust you because you’re here one minute, nek minute you’ve vanished in a puff of smoke, only to resurface two months later trying to sell your new snake oil (or at least, that’s how it will seem to them!). Content marketing is a commitment.

Design a publishing schedule for your blogs, email, and social media messages and stick with it. Get into a routine and your people will learn to rely on you (once they rely on you, they’ll buy from you).

3. There’s no audience.

Either - you haven't actually built an engaged audience to market to, or, you still haven’t honed in on your target customer to unearth every minute detail about their life.

More than your basic demographic (age, gender, location), you should be digging up their education, income, family status, career background, tech habits, shopping habits, lifestyle, apple or android – yaddah yaddah yaddah.

Only once you understand who you’re talking to can you craft compelling content – for them. Only then can you tell them their problems, empathise, and offer your must-have solution.

4. There’s no brand voice.

People do business with people. But if your writing is wooden and convoluted – people will assume you’re an autoboot or worse, a crusty white-haired man perked 30 floors high in his corner-view office ranting away his boredom.

Once you identify who you are and what makes you different, you can craft a pitch perfect brand voice that stands out like a soprano to a pack of pups. Naww, #puppies.

What will you do different?

Content marketing is more than 'being seen' or publishing a blog every so often. Done strategically, consistently, and intentionally, content marketing can be the difference between your business thriving or dying in 5 years.

So, take it seriously. You can start here with these four mistakes 😉