How To Share Business Stories That Connect And Convert

I recently worked with a small business client. She asked me, how can my business stand out? How can my content cut through and generate more sales?

“Well, darling” I purred. “You tell stories.”

Honest stories. Relatable stories. Inspiring stories. Stories that build audiences. Stories that lure them, that hook them, that leave them hungrier for more. You create an insatiable appetite for your story.

You don’t want to sit in your business dingy every day, without any wine or cheese, and just chill… bored… tired… exhausted… sunburnt…hopeless… helpless… for 12 hours straight, your hook and sinker submerged in the water, waiting. Waiting. Waiting for an unsuspecting fishy to swim by and take a bite.

What. A. waste. Of. Your. Time.

5 Reasons Why Authentic Storytelling Is Good For Business

5 Reasons Why Authentic Storytelling Is Good For Business

In case you missed the memo, storytelling is all the rage in business communication. That’s because storytelling encourages us to document and share. To use emotive language and experiences to connect with our audiences and invite them along on our journey.

Has your business embraced story? Are you connecting with your audiences in a more meaningful way? Or, are you still telling them facts and information and making decisions for them? (I would call this advertising – bam bow!)