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Are You Creating Killer or Filler Content?

Are You Creating Killer or Filler Content?

Your business content is not something you can just 'wing', flick some salt over your right shoulder, and then hope for the best. Your blogs, emails, video, and social media posts - every single piece matters; You want it to be impactful.

Too often, busy business owners rely on 'reactive' content production to 'maintain brand presence'. What can be done will be done when one feels like doing one. Word. But, this habit for 'anything goes' content is detrimental to a quality brand.

Build a Stand-Out Personal Brand

Build a Stand-Out Personal Brand

We’re all drowning in online noise. Everyone has a soapbox. Everyone’s up on it trying to be heard. Entreporn luring the naïve with get-rich-quick schemes. Glorification of ‘the hustle’. It’s made small business marketing a bitch to win.

So, how can service-based business owners build a brand that stands out? How can you connect with your tribe and make them fall in love with you?

I’m going to share some simple ideas in this blog:

Your Essential Guide to a Successful New Service Launch

Has #launchfail got you down? What if you had a guide that flipped your frown, and turned it all around? What I really mean is, instead of *sad trumpets* you heard *Ka-ching*?

Don't you wanna make sure when you next launch a new service you achieve an actual outcome?

Read on my pretties, this blog is your guide to launch success.

How To Share Business Stories That Connect And Convert

I recently worked with a small business client. She asked me, how can my business stand out? How can my content cut through and generate more sales?

“Well, darling” I purred. “You tell stories.”

Honest stories. Relatable stories. Inspiring stories. Stories that build audiences. Stories that lure them, that hook them, that leave them hungrier for more. You create an insatiable appetite for your story.

You don’t want to sit in your business dingy every day, without any wine or cheese, and just chill… bored… tired… exhausted… sunburnt…hopeless… helpless… for 12 hours straight, your hook and sinker submerged in the water, waiting. Waiting. Waiting for an unsuspecting fishy to swim by and take a bite.

What. A. waste. Of. Your. Time.

Why You Need to Combine SEO With Content Marketing for Greater Results

Why You Need to Combine SEO With Content Marketing for Greater Results

You’ve done all this awesome work improving your SEO – but, are you making it work?

When you’re just starting out in business, SEO alone is not enough to thrust you into pole position in Google search. SEO isn’t Michael Schumacher, it’s the Ferrari. You are Michael Schumacher – you still need to drive it.  

This blog will share how.