How to Nail Your Target Audience and Improve Your Facebook Marketing

Do your messages stick? Or, are you publishing blogs, emails, and social media content to the unbearable sounds of silence?

With Facebook’s recent algo changes, it’s now more difficult to get great content in front of the people that matter.

And, without a solid customer avatar to guide you, you’re essentially publishing content with a spray and pray approach – that is, you publish a heap of different messages (spray) and pray one of them might stick with someone.

This blog explains why you need a solid customer avatar to create awesome content that converts – and provides a few ideas to help you nail your target audience when marketing it online.


What is a Customer Avatar?

Your Customer Avatar describes demographic and psychographic information about your ideal customer that helps you understand their behaviours, interests, and pain points so you may effectively read their mind and convince them with your clever copy that you have all the answers.

A great avatar is emotive – it connects with their passions, motivators, and struggles.

Your avatar shouldn’t be a 3-5 dot point list. It should be 5-10 sentences long – a story, as if you were introducing your fiancé to your friends.

An example for a financial planner:

This is Barry, he’s a bit of a larrikan so doesn’t mind if you call him Bazza. Baz is 45 years old – he’s lived in north Brisbane all his life. He has two kids from another marriage, but he sends them to boarding school in Toowoomba so we only see them on school holidays.

Baz has a house up the sunshine coast that he rents out with Airbnb for extra income – we like to head up there ourselves during the school holidays with the kids to disconnect from our high-level roles and relax by the water - we really value downtime with the family.

Barry’s looking to retire early by the time he’s 55 – so we’re thinking about talking with a financial planner to get some quick strategies in place to boost the kitty!

OK – so maaaaaaybe that’s a bit too much to dump on your mate at their first encounter – but I’m sure you’ve already given her this rundown yourself over a wine a few months ago!

What Is A Great Customer Avatar


Why Do You Need One for Content Marketing?

One of the most important elements of your content marketing strategy is your customer avatar. Why?

If you don’t know who you’re serving and marketing to, it’s impossible any of your messages will stick = no conversions!

“Successful audience targeting can help drive motivated consumers to a company’s website, capture the flag in the search engine marketing race, and seize a healthy ROI on campaign spending” (Forbes).

Effective content marketing helps you establish relationships with your ideal clients, encouraging them to engage with your brand and trust your expertise and advice, so they’ll feel motivated to buy from you.

How much more enticing will your blogs, emails, social posts, and advertising campaigns be when you write in a language that resonates most with someone like Bazza?

How much more effective will your Facebook advertising be when you can target your ads AND COPY to someone with Barry’s specific interests, motivators, and behaviours?

A Case Study

I wanted to provide you with some anecdotal evidence to demonstrate the value of a super-specific customer avatar, so I caught up with my good friend (and marketing coach), Jessica Osborn, for her insights.  

One of Jessica’s clients (let’s call her Sarah), recently worked through Jess' customer avatar template to define her perfect client. This is the person you long to work with – on a project that will send butterflies and puppy kisses all through your heart. Like, isn’t that the reason you started your business?

Sarah then went through the process of changing her messaging, copy, and imagery on her website and in her Facebook advertising campaign to better resonate with her avatar’s needs.

The ah-may-zing result?

Sarah decreased her Facebook advertising spend by 82% and experienced a boost in her Page likes (where she was once getting no traction).

Cost per like went from $1.10 to 0.20c!

Audience Targeting Improves Your Marketing


How to Market Your Content More Effectively on Facebook

Organic reach has declined for some businesses since Facebook tweaked its algorithm early in 2018. It’s now more important than ever that you can get a solid grip on your ideal customer, so you can put your awesome content in front of their eyes and in a manner that will engage them and entice them to connect with you.

With more businesses turning to Facebook Advertising as a means of gaining reach – a super specific target audience helps to ensure you’re getting maximum return on your investment.

Who better to ask for audience targeting tips than Facebook marketing guru, Karyn with a Y?

Karyn’s Top 5 Tips for Audience Targeting on Facebook

1. Don't be afraid to get specific. 

People think if they narrow down their audience they are excluding too many people, but the reality is you can't be everything to everyone. If you don't narrow your focus, you will be nothing to nobody. If you can define your perfect audience then people will read your copy and think, Wow! That's for me.

2. Use Audience Insights 

Find similarities in your past audience. Audience Insights is a great tool you can use to break down your current audience and see who they are, where they live, what they do for a living and what they're interested in.

Upload an existing list - past customers/clients work best, but you can use past website visitors, an email list or your Facebook fans - and see what they have in common. You can then use the stand out features to drive your targeting.

3. Use lookalike audiences. 

Lookalike audiences are like Facebook's secret weapon! You can upload an existing customer list and target people similar to them. Facebook will do all the work for you and show your ad to people similar to your seed audience.

The key here is to use a good quality seed audience. If your Facebook page is comprised of your family and friends - don't use your Facebook fans as your seed audience or you'll be targeting people like grandma, who probably aren’t your ideal audience! 

4. Think outside the box. 

It can be too easy to create an audience on Facebook - female, parents, 20-40 done. However, this can be too broad an audience, and a competitive one. Think outside the box and be creative with your targeting.

Instead of just targeting all mums, think about the other things they may be interested in like cooking, craft, or a specific makeup brand that may appeal to your audience.  Instead of just using the parents targeting, you can also try brands of nappies or formula. 

If you're targeting middle aged men with money, don't just use the estimated income, try thinking of brands and things that would appeal to them like, Harley Davidson, BMW, Audi, and Rolex.

5. Test, test, test! 

The key to finding a perfect Facebook audience that delivers super-quality traffic at a cheap-as-chips price, is to test. If you put together an audience and you don't get the results you want, try a different one. Always test using the exact same creative so you know the only difference is your audience targeting. 

Want More Help?

Both Karyn and Jessica manage their own Facebook groups designed to help support business owners with their marketing efforts.

You can check out:

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Over to You - Start Creating Sticky Facebook Content

Right! Feel more confident about audience targeting, now? Let me know in the comments which tip you found most helpful.

Now that you know who you’re specifically marketing to, you can write content that empathises with their challenges, and talk to them in their language as if you’re sitting on the couch next to them sipping coffee. Sah sweet.

This will be much more effective in piquing curiosity and gaining traction than standing on a soap box in the middle of Piccadilly Circus shouting shit at anyone and everyone!

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