Everyone Has An Audience - Using a dating approach for business marketing

I’m about to tell you how the rules of attraction on the dating scene apply to your marketing. Because I’m cool and smart like that.

I recently joined my gal pals on a bar hop after years of ‘married’ life glued to the couch; you know, many take away curries, Netflix reruns, and not a lot of classy bar nights out looking fine with my fillies.

Now that those stay-at-home-and-chill shackles have been cast off, I’m reminded - girl likes to drink. Body that’s been treated like a goddess temple does not (“Help! I’m being violated!”). Fun story for another day.

Naturally, I’m having conversations with my single gal pals about the modern dating scene and their collective belief that dating the traditional way is ‘dead’. That the days of charming young men approaching women in a bar in your Sunday prettiest (or sinful prettiest) are long gone and it’s mass pre-screened suitors via Tinder only.

Of course, they also tell me results will vary depending how old you are and if you look a certain way (i.e. “attractive”).

“Guys don’t approach girls like me in bars”, they say, for whatever physical reasons they get hung up on.

“Phooey” is how the marketer in me responds, “- everyone has an audience”. Because we do. We all have our own audience; people in this world we naturally appeal to and it’s not for you or I to determine what will never include us.

To use me as a glorious example, I’m somewhat OK to look at, notoriously funny, and two wines into an evening bring out my alter ego Frank and a wicked trucker mouth. I get loud. I get crass. I know I’m not everyone’s, but I am someone’s.

Because -

Some guys like big girls.

Some guys like fit girls.

Some guys like funny girls.

Some guys even like smart girls (srsly, hold onto those ones).

And some guys like powersuit-wearing-no-nonsense-I-cut-off-your-balls-with-my-stiletto girls. Shit – they scare me, but, everyone has an audience.

And this is the mindset you should apply to your marketing.


First thing’s first – embrace you.

I’ve written copy for all sorts of personalities and business brands – There’s the coffee-loving, rainbow-earring’d, potty-mouthed branding photographer who let me use actual naughty words in her web copy because girl likes to swear. If you work with her, you’re gonna hear ‘em, and you’re probs gonna throw your own in, too.

There’s the fun, open-to-every-suggestion, experience-focused HR tech provider who let me use slang and super casual everyday language in their blog articles because their whole philosophy is to create human conversations in the workplace, and like, super casj is how we humans loike to talk.

There’s the artistic, feminine, nurturing, slightly-offbeat-because-shes-raising-four-daughters-and-a-business graphic designer who wanted quirky, slightly-offbeat copy to appeal to her also slightly-offbeat business-crushing mum clients.

And all the accountants, financial planners, and lawyers breaking down stuffy stereotypes so they can connect with their salt-of-the-earth clients who just want someone to talk to them like they’re human and not make them look stupid with over-complicated jargon.

So embrace you, because as wacky or as bright or as introverted as you may be, everyone has a someone.

Now, embrace your audience

Do you know your someones? Those people out there in the big wide world who dig what you do.

This is not something to be flippant about. You gotta get into the nitty gritty of client / customer / candidate avatars and learn more about the people you need / who need you.

Find out who’s listening. Find out who cares about the words you’re saying. And write to them. Be charming, authentic, and relatable so you make an impact.

Because just like you wouldn’t pull on a ra-ra skirt, plunging cowl neck singlet and platform stripper heels* as a 35+ year old looking for your baby-daddy while on a single ladies bar-hop – you don’t dress business you up to be something you’re not and you don’t dress business you up to appeal to your idea of an audience which is likely never going to be your audience.



So tell me then, where’s your audience hanging out?

If you already have this covered, drop it in the comments. If you have no flippin’ idea, get in touch and we can talk through how I can write the most charmingest words for the hot things you’re trying to attract.


 *… possibly a real example of 18yo Kelly’s party attire. Don’t judge.