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How to Nail Your Target Audience and Improve Your Facebook Marketing

Are you publishing blogs, emails, and social media content to the unbearable sounds of silence?Facebook’s recent algo changes mean it’s now more difficult to get great content in front of the people that matter. This blog explains why you need a solid customer avatar to create awesome content that converts online and with Facebook. Learn more.

Want to Write Better Content? Know Your Audience.

Want to Write Better Content? Know Your Audience.

They say content is King. So, you started blogging and sending emails. You started a Facebook business page and you’re posting prolifically on Instagram. You dabble with video from time to time, plucking up your nerve to make it a full-time thang. Great. Content = King.

Before we even get into technique and the detail of great writing – you must know your audience. You must know who you’re writing for otherwise, nothing’s gonna stick!