Want to Write Better Content? Know Your Audience.

Want to Write Better Content? Know Your Audience.


They say content is King. So, you started blogging and sending emails. You started a Facebook business page, and you’re posting prolifically on Instagram. You dabble with video from time-to-time, plucking up your nerve to make it a full-time thang.
Great. Content = King.


Or, are you just hearing *crickets*?

Maybe we should re-phrase.

Great content is King.

So, what makes great content? How can you make sure you’re writing great content?

Before we even get into technique and the detail of great writing – you must know your audience. You must know who you’re writing for, otherwise, nothing’s gonna stick!

If nothing’s gonna stick – why bother writing in the first place?

Who Do You Want to Work With?

When I started my business journey, I had a solid idea of who I wanted to work with. Who I wanted to attract to my little copywriting business, hold hands and skip with, and generally just take over the world.

I wanted to work with like-minded ladies (still do). Bad-ass #ladybosses trying to make their mark. Ladies who understand the power of personality and story in business. Who aren’t afraid to share their own bold selves.

Note: It also makes me happy if they enjoy wine, coffee, dark chocolate, and living mindfully and well, hot-desking from beachside cafes and generally being awesome.

What’s Your Purpose?

My purpose for Craft was to write authentic, engaging business content for said #ladybosses that was bursting with their brand personality. Words that would help their small business build loyal fans.

Because, I was so BORED with that old-skool, soulless, meaningless business writing shit we’ve had shoved down our throats since we were old enough to adult in an office. Pfft. The times have changed. Personality is your golden egg.

Unfortunately, I wasn't living my truth – at first. I was too embarrassed to show my big, bold personality. Too afraid to write my words with my one, very specific target audience in mind.

Because, when you write for one particular person – two things will happen.

1.   You’ll emotionally connect with your ideal audience – they literally see you and think ‘hot diggity – this chick’s for me!’

2.   You’ll disconnect the ones who don’t ‘fit’. (This is actually a good thing!)

By holding back, I stopped writing with purpose, so, I stopped connecting.

Beware the Perils of Writing Generic Content

Over the year, I've found myself working with many male clients (thanks, referrals!). And, I love them. They are wonderful - I still work with my second-ever client to this day because, he gets it (I also think he’s just a diamond in the rough).

But, it began a fear that if I wrote my true self, for my target female audience, I would disconnect my male clients; I would shut myself off from future opportunities; Male clients would read my writing and feel offended, like, she clearly doesn’t want to work with me! Cue: tears.

But, this just isn’t true.

It’s easy to get caught up in this one simple myth; You’ll disconnect from potential clients.

Yes, you’ll disconnect from some of the people reading your post. But – you’re only disconnecting from people you don’t want to work with in the first place! #notyouridealclient

I promise, your generic, ‘spray and pray’ content isn’t connecting with them anyway.

Generic content doesn't connect with anyone!

It reminds me of my old graduate recruitment days when lazy uni students would send in mass-produced applications that didn’t catch our attention. Not when you’re up against 5,000 others – you need to stand out. You need to identify purpose.

Content needs a purpose to be relevant to any audience.

generic content doesn't connect with anyone

The Top 5 Reasons You Need a Clear Audience Profile

If a fancy quote and tales of fails isn't doing it for you, maybe this awesome list of benefits will:

  1. You can tailor your content to their interests and needs

  2. You can communicate in their language

  3. You know their pain points – you can empathise with them and identify how you’ll solve their problems

  4. You become their trusted friend

  5. You’re not wasting your time marketing to the wrong people!

Having a clear audience profile is the first step to ensuring great content. Because, you’re creating content that is relevant to the people you most want to attract.

Your content becomes sticky. Meaningful. Irresistible.

If your copy needs some personality and purpose – get in touch to arrange your free consult. Happy crafting!