Your Essential Guide to a Successful New Service Launch

Guide to a Successful New Service Launch


Has #launchfail got you down? What if you had a guide that flipped your frown, and turned it all around? What I really mean is, instead of *sad trumpets* you heard *Ka-ching*?

#LaunchFail – A Likely Scenario

Here’s a story.

Hermione is a marketing consultant for sole traders.

She’s discovered the secret recipe to marketing success and so decided to build a practical eCourse for her community that guarantees them a 40% increase in business sales - sounds perfect, right?

Believing she’s onto a bestseller, Hermione took herself offline from her business, and plugged her heart and soul into building the course; days, nights, weekends, and bottomless cups of coffee. When it was finally ready, she built it a landing page, hit publish, sat back, and waited. Only;


Not a peep. All that time and energy invested for absolutely zero return. How.Bloody.Depressing. Who’s going to fund that caffeine addiction, now?

Sound familiar?

Don't you wanna make sure when you next launch a new service you achieve an actual outcome?

Read on my pretties, this blog is your guide to launch success.  

Generating Leads is Challenging for Everyone

Hermione* is not alone in her struggle to build any kind of sales momentum. In fact, generating enough traffic and leads is the top challenge for marketers in 2017. Seems we’re all struggling to get virtual feet through our virtual door and experience actual sales.

You can’t allow yourself to be swallowed up in time spent creating your new service – you must make time for marketing, too (even if it means pushing your launch date back a week).

You Must Build Pre-Sales Momentum

It can seem like mission impossible building sales momentum when you’re so short for time. And, as small business owners, we’re also short on expertise in all areas of our business that aren’t directly linked to the service we provide (like, marketing!).

But, who honestly wants to spend months of their time locked away in their tiny home office dungeon, buried under chocolate wrappers and dirty coffee cups, working on a new service offering only to get to the end and not generate a single lead, sale, or subscriber? Do you?


You want to create a killer offer that starts generatin’ sales for you the moment you hit ‘publish’. You want to see those dollar dollar bills flood your bank account faster than you can inhale that bag of peanut MnMs your hand is stuck in.

Stop ignoring your marketing obligations and setting yourself up to fail -  Start valuing your time, energy, and business and design a purposeful launch campaign FTW. #noragrets


9-Ideas for a Successful Launch

These days, a successful business is built on personality. It relies on you communicating your brand. Your story. Your why.

I ask – how likely are you to pay a marketing coach $1,000 who you’ve never seen or heard from before? Like, zero probability? So, why do you expect a cold audience to buy from you?

People don’t buy goods and services. They buy relations, story, and magic.
— Seth Godin


Here’s what you can do to ensure #launchsuccess

1. Build momentum early

I’m talking at least 8 weeks before you launch (if you can – otherwise, ASAP!). Start the conversation early – drip feed updates out to your followers from the moment you start, right along until you’re finished. Think email opt-ins & Facebook challenges.

2. Engage with influencers

I don’t mean Barbie and Ken of Instagram fame. I mean, who are valuable people in your networks or industry that would find your new offer valuable. Can you ask them to test it out and provide a review? Influencer testimonials can be leveraged in video, social media quotes, and on your business pages giving your marketing a big boost.

3. Be present in business and industry groups where your audience hangs out

What are they saying? Can your new service / digital product fix their problems?

I created my RIY Launch Campaign Content Calendar as a result of reading numerous recounts of failed launches in a business networking group I'm in. And, then once I'd started building it, every time I saw a conversation pop up about #launchfailmoments, I used it to my advantage to provide feedback and advice and allude to my new service ‘Coming Soon’.

4. Make use of ‘leaks’

As per Step #3 – find opportunities to ‘leak’ your new service offer. You have a ground-breaking new offer that will help hundreds of business owners do x, y, z. Spark curiosity – provide enough detail so they’re interested but without giving anything specific away.

5. Draw Attention

Can you crank up the quirk factor? Hijack an event? Create a funny business video?
Make use of infographics? Design a challenge? (this original blog post and its challenge were part of my ‘RIY launch campaign’ campaign.)

6. Free Access / Special Offers / Demos

Can you offer your new service / product for free BETA testing? Or, can you create a demo video or mini-guide demonstrating its use and value?

7. Optimise your landing page

It’s all well and good that you’ve just created this beautiful new service offering – but, how are you selling it? Is it just a general item listed in your website service menu? C’mon. You can do better than that!

Create an offer-specific landing page – beef it up with killer copy – make it sparkle with on-brand design – and, refer people to this purpose-built page in all your email and social media promotions.

8. Create an ‘Official Launch’

What good is all your hard work, sweat, tears, and coffee-infused blood drops if you don’t celebrate your achievement? Pick a date in your calendar to host an ‘official launch’ and work all your comms back from this date. Then on ‘launch day’ – grab the laser lights, blow up the balloons, and pump up the volume. It’s party time and everyone’s invited!

9. Design your content calendar

With all of these ideas in mind, you must must must design and implement a content calendar to schedule your content. When will you host a challenge? What days will you share your updates? How will you share them? On which platforms will you share them? What does your ‘launch’ announcement look like? Where will people see it?

Try to include 8 weeks of purposeful pre-launch content related to your new service or digital product. You should also schedule content for the following two weeks post-launch to keep momentum going.

Do not waste your opportunity to publish quality, purposeful, consistent communication.


Consistent, Purposeful, On-brand Messaging Increases Your Audience Engagement

If you have a bounty of actively-engaged email subscribers and Facebook and Instagram fans, then congratulations. You’ve done well. Please collect your $200 and continue building your bad-ass business.

But, if that sentence sounded another sad trumpet in your head, then, you need to build meaningful audience engagement before you hit ‘launch’.

You need to generate interest, foster authentic relationships, and build connection with your personal brand and authority or – heads up – it’s ‘failure to launch’ sweet thang.

Ready for launch?

Get in touch if you'd like to learn more about my launch campaign package.  


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