Are You Marketing Your Business Brand, Authentically?

Are You Marketing Your Business Brand, Authentically?


Before I freelanced, I built engaging employer brands for graduate recruiters. It came as easy to me as eating flourless chocolate mud-cake.

 Because, I was sharing someone else’s story.

I was sharing my love and connection to another’s brand. Videoing other employees. Sharing other employee’s stories. Speaking in someone else’s brand voice. I was the faceless storyteller behind the story.

Everyday my mouth was smeared with glossy icing and dark, chocolatey crumbs. It was

But, when I started my own business, I faltered. I became shy and embarrassed.

People don’t want to hear my story, or see my face. How boring! I’ll just share some tips and advice.

Umm, lame!

It wasn’t until I started putting my face out there that I started getting any real engagement. So, I shared more stories; my routine, my travels, my learnings, and my achievements. Humble, honest, and encouraging.

A Genuine Story is Gangbusters for Your Brand Authenticity

More and more I shared – more and more I grew in confidence and engagement.

My brand became more human and approachable. I started to understand my brand personality and my purpose. Like melted chocolate poured over a warm cake, I rolled with it. Improving and refining along the way.

Marketing became less of a necessary evil occupying my business time and more of a joy. It was an element of business where I could be playful and creative while I entertained and connected with other humans on a similar path.

Understand Your Purpose

You must understand that your small business marketing is not tacky or shameless. It’s the only way people will connect with you. So – embrace that shit.

Learn and understand your purpose. Your why.

Because, once you do - #bizlyfe starts feeling so much easier. It’ll be more intentional than manufactured. 

You’ll stop meticulously planning and filtering and start naturally documenting your goings-on instead. You continue telling your story, so to speak.

My point is –

don’t be afraid to be human.

People respond to authenticity. We like to connect with those who’ve been there too. Who can empathise with our own journeys. Who understand our pain points.

So, take the time to really understand your personal and business values and how they help you serve your purpose. Because, we’re all in business for a reason – to help someone transform from their current situation to a better one.

Your story helps you communicate why.

What’s your purpose? I can help you find it

Share your why and your how in the comments.