5 Reasons Why Authentic Storytelling Is Good For Business

5 Reasons Why Authentic Storytelling is Good For Business

In case you missed the memo, storytelling is all the rage in business communication. That’s because storytelling encourages us to document and share. To use emotive language and experiences to connect with our audiences and invite them along on our journey.

Has your business embraced story? Are you connecting with your audiences in a more meaningful way? Or, are you still telling them facts and information and making decisions for them? (I would call this advertising – bam bow!)

Why Story

Humans have been telling stories since life began. Way back before the Sumerian language was first scribbled on a Kish tablet; back when it was cave paintings and extraordinary tales by campfire.

For millennia, we’ve been hooked on stories.

And, it starts from an early age. Bedtime stories and make believe that grounded our childhood. Fairy tales that taught us right from wrong. Magic and enchantments that whisk our mind off to a land of possibility far, far away.

As adults, we’ve seen the rise of a new favourite past-time. ‘Netflix bingeing’ on tv mini-series’, thick plots and rich characters that lure us in so dramatically we sit in the same spot for 6 hours to see each story through to completion.

Even when the body goes to sleep, the mind stays up all night, telling itself stories.
— Jonathon Gottschall

Humans are story addicts.

Storytelling in Business

Your business needs stories. Stories help us to connect, inform, inspire.

How much more interested are you when you know the story behind a situation? We’re suckers for emotional triumphant over adversity, for being the tortoise who beats the hare.

If I told you “my business has a positive cashflow this month” – you’d probably give me a 'like' or maybe a "meh. So what?"

But, if I told you the start of my year was a whitewash of emotional turmoil and drama and my business suffered set back after set back, but I worked my ass off and turned things around. That I worked tirelessly through 12-hour days, 7 days a week, never seeing friends and family - until finally - I landed my first contract that guaranteed a reliable income until the end of the year.

That I can finally get out of the red and into the black and onto more ass kicking. That I was finally on the cusp of greatness.

You’d be like “You go girl! You’re amazing! I want to be that successful, too!”

And, you’d remember my story, what I went through, what I did, what I offer. You might empathise with my story, retell it to your business friends, or try to refer my services to people you know.

Stories spread like wildfire.

5 Reasons You Should Be Telling Stories for Your Business

Storytelling is simple.

Humans are the storytelling species. Everyone has the ability to share and tell stories - From cave paintings to war stories to bedtime stories. All stories have a purpose or moral – and it’s how our great species has lived long enough to continue telling them.

Everyone loves to hear stories.

Not just for the kiddiewinks before bedtime – we enjoy stories at all ages. Teen fiction, fantasy, office gossip by the water cooler. You just need to look at the money invested in ‘Netflix originals’ and the tv mini dramas attracting high profile actors to know we mere mortals are obsessed with a good story.

Stories are contagious.

Remember the last time you heard, read, or saw a good story – how many people did you go on to share it with? I LOVE Game of Thrones. I was slow to the table, but everyone I knew was hooked and I wanted to be hooked too. And, so it spread.

Stories are remembered.

There’s a timeless quote –

Tell me the facts and I’ll learn. Tell me the truth and I’ll believe. But tell me a story and it will live in my heart forever.”

Better yet, stories evolve. For every person that shares that same story – its version will alter slightly as each person leaves a tiny piece of their heart/emotion in their recount. This is a powerful tool in your arsenal if you’re communicating change.

Stories inspire.

Like a great pre-battle call to arms or a motivational story about triumph over adversity - a well-crafted story can inspire your audience to action. Emotive storytelling is powerful storytelling – we are hardwired to respond.

Stories help grab your audience’s attention – like a meerkat popping its head up in the dusty grass of the Kalahari Desert – a story can attract, lure, and convert.

Imagine how powerful this can be for your business.

Have you got a story you want to share? I can help you tell it. Whether you want to infuse storytelling in your blogs or you’re after a comprehensive business story strategy – we can make it happen. Hit me up for coffee and a chat!