Why You Need to Combine SEO With Content Marketing for Greater Results

Why You Need to Combine SEO with Content Marketing for Greater Results

You’ve done all this awesome work improving your SEO – but, are you making it work?

When you’re just starting out in business, SEO alone is not enough to thrust you into pole position in Google search. SEO isn’t Michael Schumacher, it’s the Ferrari. You are Michael Schumacher – you still need to drive it.  

This blog will share how.


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You Need More Than Just Good SEO

Last week I gave you some simple SEO tips to help boost your content.

I trust you’ve started reviewing your content to make these changes. If you have, then you’re ready for part 2. Traffic. High five!

Because, as amazing as your new SEO’d business content just became – you still need people to see it. You need traffic. Eyes. Hands. Shares.

To help your new SEO work - you still need to share your content for all eyes to see it. On your business pages. On your personal pages. In your emails.

The more traffic you bring to your content (aka your website), the more Google will think you’re a credible authority in your keyword niche.

How to Share Your Content

Like I said, it’s no good jumping into your SEO Ferrari if you intend only to be a passenger. Sorry folks, but you need to grab that steering wheel and accelerate. Goodness! You’re in a Ferrari!

To maximise the effect and reach of your new content and put that SEO to work, sit down and create a content marketing plan.

Put Your Plan on Paper

Put it in front of you where you can see it every day and remain accountable.

I shared my content calendar template in a content marketing post a few weeks ago. Fill it out. Use it to schedule your blog posts and how you intend on marketing each post across all your platforms.

What opportunities are there to re-purpose your content into graphics, videos, or emails?

If you’re after something less detailed, you might like this scheduling example shared by Stevie Says Social:

If you want something even simpler, try this social sharing timeline example by Coschedule:

Understand your objective

Always include a CTA with every blog post, facebook / Instagram / LinkedIn / Pinterest post. What are you asking your audience to do?

Are you just building awareness? Ask them to like or share if they agree.

Do you want them to sign up for something? Tell them.

Your people aren’t mind readers. Give them a direct call to action and you’ll start meeting your content objectives. Asking them to share is obviously, a great one (even more traffic!).

Re-post Quality Content from Your Archives

Don’t let your good stuff gather cobwebs in your archives. Bring old posts out from the dark and give them some air. Refresh their SEO to ensure they align with your content keyword strategy.

Don’t be afraid to re-share the old stuff, especially if it’s something people have found highly valuable.

Track your results

Always track your results. What is working, what didn’t.

What posts did your audience absolutely love? Can you do more? Can you create a video series on that topic? An infographic? How to Guide?

Keep your SEO in mind for re-purposed content. 

Make Your SEO Work Harder

Investing in your SEO is great. It’s a must have for every online business.

But, having great SEO doesn’t mean you can sit back, kick your feet up, and still expect to win the race. When you're new to business and you're still building your online brand, you must make a conscious effort to drive traffic to your website with frequent, high value content.

And then, re-purpose and market each content piece across all your channels for maximum reach. Create infographics, videos, emails, templates, opt-ins, and podcasts. Always optimise with SEO and, always remember to share.

What schedules do you have in place to market your content? Are you combining it with SEO? Comment below!