Why You Need to Make Time for Business Reflection

Why You Need to Make Time for Business Reflection

I’m a firm believer in earning money from something you enjoy doing so it doesn’t feel like you’re working. Yep. Did that. Became a world class copywriter.

When you’re doing something you love; time flies, seasons change, and you become lost in the moment. Because you enjoy it so much.

But, soon enough, structure shoots out the window, boundaries come down, you stop saying no, and you find yourself working 15-hour days, 6 days a week. But you still love it, right? You just aren’t going to survive for very long doing it.

You’ll start to crack, or worse, you’ll spontaneously combust one day. Don’t be like that. Don’t combust.

The Power of Positive Intentions

I started the year with a strong plan and powerful intentions. I had a carefully crafted business and marketing strategy to follow that would deliver me my much anticipated writing empire by 30 June. There were coffee dates, networking events, L&D, and social ideas coming out of my ears!

The first 6 months of 2017 were going to be huge!

I’d spend my mornings novelling with a delicious coffee, exploring Brisbane’s café scene, catching up with various friends – and only 5 hours each day on billable client work. Cuz, that’s what freelancers do right?


Why I’m Telling You This From A Cute Café In Christchurch

I reached a point I needed to escape from #bizlyfe.

I needed to escape the frantic etons mess I’d created for myself. I was loving every minute of life but, I was working without structure - goals weren’t being met, ideas were being lost, and my personal creative ambitions were being neglected. 

I was 4 weeks away from my EOFY when all my fabulous pre-2017 goals were due to vest and I had nothing to show. For an organised perfectionist, I was due for a meltdown.

So, I shouted myself tickets to NZ to spend quality time with my wonderful kiwi family away from the stress, demands, and high expectations smothering me in #bizlyfe. All things I created for myself, mind.

Be Flexible, Adaptive, and Determined

Although I’ve accepted most of my dreams won’t come true this year (sadly, I won't be in the Top 40 under 40 or gracing the pages of Entrepreneur mag alongside Gary Vee) – I haven’t let them defeat me. Taking a 7-day step away from #bizlyfe allowed me to coolly and calmly recollect my thoughts, ambitions, and purpose.

All my goals are achievable – but I need to give myself more time to get there. I need to be flexible and adapt to my conditions. After all – I set these goals when I only had one recurring client and a handful of small jobs! 

Now – I have three recurring clients and the promise of a big fish and many more little ones. What worked in January just doesn’t apply now.

So, new plan.

Realise that as bad ass as she is – you aren’t Wonder Woman. You are human – and although determination and resilience will get you everywhere, being respectful and mindful of your fragile human mind and body will keep you there.

I resolved to start at the beginning. Baby steps. Learn to crawl before I walk. Form new habits. Commit to them daily so I will stop neglecting them. And, you know – keep life real.

Keen to join me? If you’ve already done your goal setting but you’re yet to see any of them through – lets do this together and keep each other accountable.

Over the next six weeks: I will introduce one new task each week into my daily schedule and make them habit. Using my phone's calendar to book it in - I commit to actually completing each task at the same time, every day (lord knows how many times I've overruled past Kelly's orders in my calendar reminders!).

For example:

Week 1

4pm Tue & Thur: LinkedIn – 1 x Comment, 1 x Share, 2 x Likes

Week 2

8am Mon, Wed, & Sun: Novelling - 1 x page writing for my novel

4pm Tue & Fri: LinkedIn – 1 x Comment, 1 x Share, 2 x Likes

Week 3:  

5pm Mon, Wed, Fri: Facebook - 1 x comment, 5 x likes, 1 x share

8am Mon, Wed, & Sun: Novelling - 1 x page writing for my novel

4pm Tue & Fri: LinkedIn – 1 x Comment, 1 x Share, 2 x Likes

(you get the drift) 

The point is - you keep the task small and realistic and it will be achievable. And, after a short space of time you have achieved far more than the last 12 months! So, no more crazy meltdown moments at those important annual review times. #winning

What will you commit to? Please share!


Kelly is a writer, copywriter, blogger, and business brand enthusiast with major heart for words. Her life's mission is to light up corporate communications and bring life to the way businesses speak with their customers and employees. Favourite hashtags - #stopboring #coffee #words.