How Content Marketing Enhances Your Customer Relationships and Generates Sales

How Content Marketing Enhances Your Customer Relationships and Generates Sales

(Time to Get Up Close And Personal)

We’ve all seen it. That form of marketing that jumps out in your face, screams at you from the TV, blares from the radio, clogs your letterbox. Sure, you can’t help but notice it. But does that make it effective? Ermm... not any more.

So, how are you s'posed to promote your brand and generate sales?

For this fourth and final blog post in the content marketing series, I wanted to get into the psychology behind consumer behaviour. So, I asked my super smart friend, Chanelle Gosper, to share her insights in this guest blog.


From the moment you wake up until you close your eyes again at night, you’re inundated with brands. Brands of bed linen, towels, clothing, hair products, make up, breakfast foods, coffee, tea, dish-washing detergent, toothbrush and paste, phone… Even before you walk out the door!

Forceful advertising. All day. Every day. Do you even pay attention to it all? 

Studies in consumer behaviour suggest you don’t. Because, your brain is constantly switched on. It’s not physically possible for it to process all the marketing messages you're inundated with each day – there’s too much to process at any given time.

So, now you start to understand the problems you face trying to get a prospective customer to notice that special thing you and your brand are offering.

Consumers Are In Control of Content

Consumers actively control the ads they want to be exposed to and avoid those they don’t - by changing stations or leaving the room during ad breaks, throwing catalogues and flyers straight into the recycling unread, or avoiding the ads they find irrelevant or distracting.

If you place your ad online near content your consumers want to focus on, you actually run the risk they’ll develop negative feelings about your brand (instead of getting that sale you were hoping for!). It's a delicate line you don't want to cross.

So, it's time you got up close and personal with your audience.

Make Eye Contact with your Customers

Here’s where content marketing is your new best friend.

If your prospective customers are being choosy about the marketing messages they pay attention to, yet, they enjoy reading your blog, social posts, and e-newsletter – you're already leaps and bounds ahead of your competitors, baby.

Because they're paying attention to YOU. Actively.

And, while they may not be buying anything at this point, they are watching what you say. They are learning about what you offer. They are processing your messages.

Get Personal - Share Your Personality

Your messages must consistently show what your brand’s about. Think brand personality, think brand values, but most of all, think of that little something special you can add on to really give your customers, prospective or paying, the warm fuzzies.

Here are a few ideas to get the ball rolling:


Blogs are a great opportunity for customers to get to know you, even before they think about opening their wallets. Keep in mind that this is about building trust so you can create an ongoing mutually-beneficial relationship.

Let your personality shine through. Share stories and experiences, offer helpful thoughts or advice from your area of expertise, and invite conversation by asking for thoughts on a given topic.

When it comes time to decide to buy, you want to be at the top of your prospective customer’s mind. Would you buy from a stranger, or someone you feel you know and trust?

Create Two-Way Dialogue

Ask questions in blogs and social media posts and get your prospective customers talking. Inviting a conversation helps customers see you as relatable, approachable, and interested. From a psychological point of view, people find it harder to anticipate what will be said during a conversation, so they're less likely to try avoiding information (like, skipping ads).

Plus, you’ve already created a sense that the information is coming from a personal source, which helps your messages appear more vivid to customers than they would from mass media (and in turn, more persuasive).

Customer Reviews

When someone is on the hunt for a new product or service and is comparing providers, word-of-mouth is considered far more credible than any other marketing source. It is most credible when the review or recommendation comes from someone known to the prospective customer.

So, incorporate reviews into your content, and better yet, ask your subscribers to share your blogs, posts and newsletters with friends or family they feel might benefit from reading them.

There is no better way to generate new customers than through recommendations. 

On-boarding Emails

Your brand new customer has bought from you for the first time. Yay! Now what?

Your goal is to make sure your customer is happy with what they’ve bought so that hopefully they’ll buy again and again and again and, you can develop a long-term relationship with them. #BFFs

Can you follow up their purchase with helpful, friendly emails that check in, offer advice on the best way to use your product, and invite feedback? 

Your emails should continue to reflect your brand personality and expertise. Use them to build a positive attitude towards your offering and your customers will keep coming back – and, hopefully tell their friends.

If you want an example of an awesome on-boarding email sequence – check out Go To skin care.

Content Marketing Gets Their Attention When They're Not Looking 

Hopefully it should now be pretty clear that unlike traditional marketing methods, this easy (and free!) way of reaching customers has a barrel full of benefits. Content marketing gets their attention, even when they’re not looking.

You become more than just a logo, but a personality – a helpful, approachable, expert personality they can trust. And from trust comes a relationship (not just a one-night stand), where your customer will not only keep buying from you but will tell their friends too.

You become more than just a logo, but a personality – a helpful, approachable, expert personality they can trust.


Remember what I said about word of mouth? Loyal, trusting customers who love what you do will become serious ambassadors for your brand, spreading the word powerfully and passionately, and generating more buzz for you than any other method.

So, look at your communication, pre- and post-purchase. What are you doing to get up close and personal with your customers?  

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