Preparing to Launch? You Must Think Strategically About Your Launch Campaign.

Launching A New Business or Brand? You Must Think Strategically About Your Launch Campaign.

In the past few weeks, I’ve received a lot of last minute marketing and communication requests to promote product launches, major business news / events, business re-launches, and a brand launch in line with a TV release.

Literally, each of these requests came to me within the same fortnight, and the expectation was that it could all be turned around within the following week! Insane! Talk about pressure!

If you're building a business, brand, or site – don’t spend months or years preparing it without also sitting down and mapping out your marketing strategy... before you hit ‘launch’. 



What Really Happens with a New Business / Brand / Product launch

So, you’ve just spent X months working on your new baby – a new product, e-commerce site, website, business, or brand. It still smells like fresh leather. You finally find yourself in the position you’re ready to share your beautiful bundle of leathery-fresh joy with the world, and with a week to go, decide to contact a copywriter to help write the words for your site.

Cuz, surely, 7 days is enough time, right? Copywriters are just sitting around waiting to be called? Yes. Surely.

But, these types of major launches also need a strategic marketing campaign. It’s not just a matter of fixing up a few words on your website (or, in half of my cases, adding all new words to a new website)! Not if you want your launch to succeed that is, which I reckon you do.

What a Content Marketing Campaign is Really All About

A content marketing campaign involves solid, effective website copy that aligns with:

  • social media page commentary and announcements
  • blogs and vlogs (if you’re starting a new website and blog, you’ll want around 4 blogs posted on your site before you begin promoting it – plus, an additional 4 in your arsenal to roll out over the coming weeks to keep yourself visible and relevant while attracting new audiences) 
  • an on-boarding email campaign (whether that’s for subscribers to your opt-in or it’s a customer on-boarding process after people sign up for your products/services).

Guys. That’s a LOT of content. And it takes more than a week to pull it off. But, your preparation will ensure faster and higher engagement than a slap-dash / half-arsed / reactive approach.

What New Businesses Are Really Doing Wrong with Their Content

I’m a member of a few online business communities and I see the same posts every day – “I’ve just launched my site/brand/product and I’m not getting any love. Can someone please review it and tell me what I’m doing wrong?”

Without even clicking on your link – I can tell you that your copy sucks and you haven’t thought about a marketing strategy to build your brand awareness in the market.

Content marketing. It’s cheap as chips (if you can write great content – if you can’t it’s well worth the investment to partner with a quality copywriter to build and implement your strategy for you).

That’s a blunt assessment, but I hope it resonates positively with you! I see a lot of business owners struggle with the purpose and value of content marketing, and I still feel its value is being lost in the busyness and noise of internet marketers pushing a cause (please don’t mistake this as a cause – it’s more a ‘wake up and smell the flowers – your unrealistic expectations are stressing me out’). 😉

So, over the next few weeks I’m going to release a series of blogs that explain why you need content marketing to grow your business – and I’ll throw around some ideas to help you approach your own campaigns.

In the meantime, please start thinking ahead for your launch. Don’t wait until a week out before you look at your copy and marketing strategy - you’ll be fresh out of copywriters, or you’ll get stuck with the ones who can only spit out a rush job that doesn’t have the heart and soul of a well-planned and executed campaign.

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Are you read to hit launch? I'll help you build an effective content marketing strategy that builds your brand awareness. Let's get crackin"!