Content Marketing 101 - What it is and Why You Need it to Grow Your Business

Are you confused about all this content marketing hoo-ha? What is it – how does it work, and do you really need it? If you’re trying to make money, then, your answer is yes, OF COURSE you need it! 

I’m going to break it down for you nice’n’easy to help you understand why you need it for your business.



What is Content Marketing

Content marketing is a powerful marketing strategy that allows you to build strong relationships with your target audiences. 

It enables you to communicate a clear and consistent brand personality, values, business purpose, and key messages across all your platforms.

An effective strategy aligns your business goals and key events with purposeful, synchronised messaging across your email campaigns, blogs, podcasts, YouTube videos, Pinterest graphics, and social media posts.

(Note: It's more than just blogging.)

Why You Need Content Marketing

Did you catch my rant last week about last minute / poorly planned communication 'strategies'? Basically, you're disadvantaging yourself and your business with a half-assed approach to your business marketing.

The world is full of content and your audience is drowning in your competitors' content. Everyone has something to say! So, it's never been more important to personally connect with your audience.

Traditional marketing and advertising is dead to us. Thanks to technology, mobile, the internet, and social media, we’ve been reprogrammed to filter out the bullshit.

We’re now in control of the content we consume.

Content marketing is valuable because you're able to build trust, awareness, and authority by sharing FREE, valuable insights and information with your audience, consistently (like this post!). 

Benefits of Content Marketing

Ummm, it’s free? You don’t spend any money on content marketing.

Because you're pushing your content onto your own business and personal platforms (website, social channels, blog, email lists) you're not paying anyone to access these marketing channels (although, organic reach on Facebook is getting difficult).

Other benefits:

  • you build brand awareness
  • you build your authority in your niche topic / industry
  • you develop personal relationships with your audience
  • you emotionally connect with your audience
  • you start building a highly-engaged community that doubles as sales leads and referrals.

An effective content marketing strategy introduces you to your key audience and allows you to foster a more meaningful relationship with them that will eventually lead to sales. 

Communicating valued (FREE) content consistently helps you build trust and brand recognition. It’s a soft-grow marketing strategy, but it provides a higher return on investment than traditional marketing methods.

I’m going to dedicate the next few blog posts to a different business purpose to provide more context. Starting with “Using Content Marketing to Enhance Your Employer Brand”, I'll (hopefully) provide some pointers for you to improve your current marketing habits.

Oh. My. Goodness. It’s gonna be a cracker.

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