4 Strategies to Generate Compelling Content Ideas for Your Blog

4 Strategies to Generate Compelling Content Ideas for Your Blog

It's easy to feel like some kind of intense content machine - constantly churning out words and things; blindly hoping at least one of them will be good enough to convert into a sale. All that effort seems so much more worthwhile then.

While creating content is really, really good for business - it also must be compelling because you risk turning a lot of people off when you're churning out shit. This post will run through some strategies to help you come up with enough of the right content to blow up your blog.


Regardless of how long you've been in business, you should know who your target audience is. So, before you drown yourself in pages and pages of empty content pieces and bland blog posts - get focused about your intentions.

Who are you writing for? And, what are you writing about? What you intend to write about must align with your business purpose and provide value to your audience. Aim to have 2 - 3 broad topic areas that you're able to delve into over time.

4 Strategies to Generate Valuable Content

Play with ideas boxes 

Yep - we're starting here. I've been raving about this for ages because it's really that good and worth your time.

  • Grab a piece of A4 paper and draw 20 boxes on the page (or, you can download my free template below).
  • Focus your mind on a desired result (eg. blog topics about X).
  • Find a colourful pen, and write EVERYTHING that comes to mind. You don't have to use every idea you write - but it's important you do not stop the flow of ideas or filter yourself before you write them down.
  • Keep going until every last box has been filled. Start with your blog topics, and then repeat the process for content upgrades / opt in ideas. Check out the video for a lil' somethin' I prepared earlier.


No - don't go reaching for your old Encyclopedia. Get yourself onto BuzzSumo and type in your topic to access a list of the most shared articles related to that topic.

I typed in Content Marketing - and the top performers were about the top content marketing trends in 2017. From this, I could write a series 'How To Successfully Market Your Business Online in 2017'. You try.

Audit your blog, website, and social pages

Log in to your Google Analytics profile to learn - what's getting the most traffic? What questions are you often asked by customers, clients, and audiences? My most successful blog is 'How to Write More Creatively' (it had a writing challenge attached).

My most visited web page is where I outline my copy writing services - so, I make sure to focus a chunk of my content on practical writing tips.

Participate in forums

Don't lurk quietly in the background - actively participate. Join groups where your ideal customer/client/audience hangs out.

I write predominantly for small business owners in the business brand / employer brand / employee engagement space. So, I'm in forums for HR, recruitment, and business professionals to monitor their enquiries and contribute to discussions where I'm knowledgeable and can add value.

Learn what your audience is hungry for - and write content for them to satiate that hunger.

A word from the wise

Don't be put off when you find other authors who have written blogs related to your topic. It's unlikely you'll ever produce something that is entirely original (unless you're a game changer!). But, it is likely that your message, your opinion, and your spin IS entirely original for your audience.

So, be confident that you have value to give and your ideas and opinions matter to your audience. And, be consistent.

Batch your content for each month a month in advance so it's well-considered and in alignment with your business purpose, valuable for your audience, and ready to publish at the push of a button.

Now - go and get crafty with your content.

Start generating your ideas now - Download your copy of my idea boxes template.