Are You Creating Killer or Filler Content?

Your business content is not something you can just 'wing', flick some salt over your right shoulder, and then hope for the best. Your blogs, emails, video, and social media posts - every single piece matters; You want it to be impactful. Killer content that commands your reader to say "this was written for me!"

Too often, busy business owners rely on 'reactive' content production to 'maintain brand presence'. What can be done will be done when one feels like doing one. Word. But, this habit for 'anything goes' content is detrimental to a quality brand.

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What Happens With Too Much Filler Content

Not everything you publish is Pulitzer-prize winning, Ted-talk-worthy thought gems. But, it should still all be relevant to your business, audience, and brand. Otherwise ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

  • If your posts are empty and vacuous - people will think you're lame and stop following you / listening to what you have to say.
  • If your posts are bland and colourless - people will think you're lame and stop following you / listening to what you have to say.
  • If your posts are random and not aligned with your brand, purpose, and audience - people will think you're lame and - oh wait, I already said that. 

Too much unintentional 'filler' content is not OK because it waters down your brand. How can you create content that thrills? (I thought you'd never ask.)

Here are a few tips:

1. Make It Useful

Your blog, podcast, and Vlog topics should all align with your business purpose and importantly, your audience's needs. If you're not sure what your audience really want or need - do your homework.

  • Survey your followers and email subscribers and ask them directly;
    "What would you like to hear more of?"
    "What are your biggest pain points?"
    "What do you most need help with?"

  • Sign up to Quora and follow the discussion threads aligned with your service. I follow conversations about copywriting and content marketing - your ideal audience are using Quora to ask the questions you need to be answering. So, dig in.
  • Join and actively participate in Facebook and LinkedIn groups where your audience is. Follow their questions and conversations to pick up the language they use, and then, use that language when you write your content pieces.


2. Make It Visual Rich (& On-Brand)

Before you go and raid your favourite free stock library - take 'stock' (yes, I went there) of your own brand personality and consciously choose images that best communicate your brand. For example, I'm an Autumn brand. I'm trying to present warmth, trust, tailor-made, quality service. So, I choose images with warm tones, reds, oranges, greys, purples and I use the same warm filter on all photos. Definitely no cheesy, stocky stock pics! And, the only people I use in my photos are real - usually that means me, my family, or my clients.


3. Make It Personable But Purposeful

Yes. Personality is the new black. Quirks are in. Wallflowers are forgotten. But, this call to arms to show your sass doesn't mean quirky cat meme spam or pictures of you giving your dog actual mouth kisses is brand-worthy content (unless of course your brand is your pet). Tell your story, share insights into your journey and your lifestyle - but, make sure it's either a) of actual interest b) valuable or c) relevant (all three is a triple win). 


4. Make Sure You Prepare

Plan your content in advance. Preferably a month in advance so you can work your audience along a designated path that leads them to a specific destination - sign ups, follows, sales. Quarterly is best for goal-oriented content planning, monthly is more specific, and weekly  makes sure you capture time-relevant information. The more you prepare, the more consistent, on-brand, and meaningful your content will be!


5. Make Sure You Repurpose

Not everyone has time to read your 1,000 word blog posts. Give your pillar pieces a nip and tuck and repurpose them to meet the different needs of your audience. Is your blog suitable for a Vlog, YouTube tutorial, Facebook Live, Podcast, Infographic, or Instagram mini-blog? Instead of throwing an #inspo quote together for the sake of it, make better use of your high-value content instead.


Purposeful Content Thrills

What's not cool in business is content for the sake of content. We're drowning in it. Build a reliable, consistent, authoritative brand with killer content that's purposeful and intentional. Try approaching everything you publish through the lens of your audience;

What's in it for them? 

Now, what's in it for you?

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Content not making an impact? 

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