It's the Quarter 3, 2017 Crafty Business Update / Review!

Quarter three: Wild as can be.

Just under 12 weeks until Christmas. Like – where has 2017 gone?

In the last 3 months I’ve achieved so much for my business - I didn't realise I had this much creativity and productivity in me!

What exactly? I’ll tell you:

  1. I celebrated my first business birthday
  2. I started re-positioning my business to offer specific content marketing strategy and creation
  3. Professional head shots
  4. I started updating my website ( you can even check out my new Services page - but, it's a Work In Progress!)
  5. I signed on another awesome retainer client (content marketing focus – Huzzah!)
  6. I launched my second ever challenge!
  7. I started Facebook advertising! I'm still working this one out ;) 

All in 3 months!

Quarter 4 Goals to Keep Me Accountable

So, what do I aim to achieve before the end of the year? Well, not as much – I’m trying to be realistic cuz #Christmas.

  1. Deliver an education campaign for my clients / potential clients around content marketing. Video tutorials, how to guides, cheatsheets, and a webinar at some point!
  2. Finish re-designing my website and officially 're-launch' it.
  3. I started building a new digital service/product offering: Custom Launch Campaign Calendars. My goal is to finish this and snag a few pre-Xmas sales :D

The final countdown begins

Quarter 4 is notorious for being the time of year everyone launches new products and services, re-design websites, update marketing materials, and put super-charged strategies together to help them achieve last ditch 2017 business goals.

There’s a lot that can happen in 12 weeks, right?

So, what have you got cooking? Are you ready to launch something new in your business?

Whether you’re creating a new service, new website, new digital product – make sure you create a pre-launch awareness campaign. Because, you want to ensure all your hard work building this new baby of yours is worth the time you’ve spent away from your clients making extra pre-Christmas toy dollars.

Once you have a community that trusts you, they’ll purchase everything you put in front of them.
— John Rampton

Your Launch Campaign Begins Now

You might not realise you need to start building your pre-launch buzz at LEAST 6 weeks before your big launch day. Most business owners aren’t thinking that far ahead, so do your best to roll out your comms from a month before.

If you’re starting to panic – never fear! I’ll guide you through a process to build your campaign content calendar so you can plan, create, and schedule kick-ass launch comms in advance!

You can stop feeling overwhelmed by the thought of #launchfail and start proactively building audience engagement so when it comes time to ‘launch’ – there’s a bunch of people ready to oblige :D


Wanna see the video update? Check it out.