8 Easy Ways To Create More Content (The Kinda Stuff Your People Want To See)

8 Easy Ways to Create More Content (the Kinda Stuff Your People Want to See)

Creating killer content is crucial to your success as it drives your authority and smokin’ online brand. It’s also how you’ll make more money (we all want that).

You know you need to do more with your content strategy. Create more. Be seen more. Stress less. But, where to start? And, how can you be certain what you create is worth the time and effort you invest?

If you’re not yet ready to outsource your content strategy, there are simple ways you can create more killer-able content for your business without spending hours locked away in your office dungeon going content mad. Repurpose.

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What is Your Content?

Before I tell you how to create it – you must first understand what it is! Because, content is different for everyone and every business and you must work out which content is right for you and your audience. Think about:

·         Videos, tutorials, Vlogs

·         Podcasts and vodcasts

·         Blogs, articles, guest blogs

·         Email marketing

·         Social media posts, images, quotes, graphics

·         Infographics & Pinterest graphics

·         Webinars

·         Checklists, templates, and workbooks

·         eBooks, eCourses, mini-courses, free guides

How Are You Using It?

It’s no good wildly creating blogs and random inspirational quotes if your audience aren’t responding to the things you say.

·         Are you being ‘present’ where your audience is hanging out online?

·         What questions are they asking? What are their challenges and pain points?

·         What kind of content do they most respond to?

Now to ask - Are you creating content that your audience needs and publishing it in the format they want in the neighbourhood they order their coffee?

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What’s Driving Your Content Bucket?

This is where having a great content strategist on your team can excel you – what are your content themes (primary topics) and which content piece drives all your content creations?

I’ll explain:

With Craft – all my content is driven by my blog posts. Each month I allocate a content theme (topic) aligned with my business goals for that month or quarter (eBook / course sales, email list building etc). Each blog post I write belongs to this central content theme.

The remainder of my content pieces fall out of each week’s blog post. Here’s how it looks:

8 Easy Ways to Create More Content

Using this blog post (Easy Ways to Create More Content) as an example, I will now also create:

1. An infographic for Pinterest which lists the 8 Easy Ways to Create More Content

2. A graphic for Pinterest which promotes the blog post title and link

3. A series of images, quotes, and stories related to this blog post for Instagram and/or Facebook

4. Links to related, high-performing articles by 3rd-party contributors for my Facebook and LinkedIn feed

5. A relatable anecdote and CTA to include with my email mail-out this week

6. A video / SlideShare listing these top tips to promote on Facebook and LinkedIn

7. A tutorial / step-by-step guide for my YouTube channel

8. Additional content pieces that drill down on these Easy Ways to Create (eg. Next week’s blog and opt-in hook explaining how to turn List blog posts into Infographics for Pinterest).

One blog post just became 8+ content pieces. All aligned with the one content theme. All providing consistent, on-brand messaging. All drawing on the same information but re-purposing it to meet the needs of different audiences and platforms.

Start Repurposing Your Content… And, Go!

Learning to repurpose your content reduces the time and effort you’d usually spend coming up with and then creating 8+ INDIVIDUAL content pieces. Use your content bucket and themes as a guide to generate consistent, purposeful, valuable content that connects with your tribe and builds your subject authority.

Download the free checklist to organise your content and start making better use of your time!