Why Brisbane's Newest Copywriter Wants To Give You Coffee

Why Brisbane's Newest Copywriter Wants to Give You Coffee

So here it is.

My first blog with Craft. And all that comes to mind is...

All that sunshine on my pockets and that boppin' in my feet. No, literally. The sun is shining on my jean pockets and my feet – I’m sitting outside at my local café enjoying this new pace of life.

I’ve always had a love for writing. Always loved the art of storytelling; the craft of using humour to inform and share. But I never thought about doing it as a full time gig. Never saw myself as a 'writer'.

Sure, I’ve been in jobs where I've written stuff; I've looked after web content, social media, and used clever words to promote things. Yeah sure, I've done them, but not as a 'writer'. It was always just something extra that I did.

But in 2016, something shifted.

Suddenly, that's all I wanted to do. To write; to be a writer.

I've had an amazing time working in recruitment and strategic HR. I've learnt so much and I've always wanted to share my knowledge and experiences with others. In fact, to say I'm passionate about people is like ordering a half-strength soy latte at 8am on a Monday. Quite clearly, it's an understatement.

And so, along with my technical knowledge in the art of writing great content - I've decided to change things up - to embrace the very things that drive me; these things that put fire in my belly, super-charge my neurotransmitters, and get my blood pumping.

I'm talking about people and crafty storytelling.

I am #superexcited about Craft for what it can offer you. Clean, compelling, and concise content. Content that's written with purpose; informative yes, but sprinkled with humour and caffeinated-flair.

Content that's crafted with the audience in mind. Your audience. So that you can connect with them; engage them; motivate them to join you on your journey.

Like I will motivate you to join me on mine :)

And so here I am today. Sitting in a quiet courtyard, the laughter of tiny people hums in the background, the sun shines on my back warming my bare skin (it’s winter in Brisbane and I’m wearing a singlet). An empty coffee cup sits on the table beside me while my fingers tap vigorously on my shiny new keyboard, channelling all my pearls of wisdom into text.

And I want you to hit me up. For reals.

Because I'm now, officially, a freelance copywriter. And I'm looking for something to do...for you.

Connect with me on facie or Instagram if you'd like to follow my journey. Sure, there might be a lot of food and coffee cup photos, and I'm not apologising. I've decided my copywriting will compliment my love of coffee - I'll be making my way around Brisbane’s AWESOME coffee shops one almond milk flat white at a time.

I’m going to taste all the coffee that the Vegas has to offer, and I’ll be doing it with sunshine on my pockets, I'll be boppin' to that beat, with my laptop on the table and a client list to beat (I also rhyme pretty well too, if you're into it).

And because you're an early follower of my great adventure, I want to reward you with 'the deal of a lifetime' (but I won't be throwing in steak knives, soz).

You can meet me!

To get things rolling for Craft - I'm offering a free coffee consult for the first five people to comment on this post and say "Gimme coffee"! No strings attached - free coffee and you can pick my brain about your content woes.

I'll even let you pick the coffee shop. As long as it's not The Coffee Club. Or Glorias. Or Zaraffas. #snob

For everyone else, stay tuned. I'll be using this blog to share my people insights - the how, what, when, where, and why of communicating with your customers, clients and community. Super smart stuff you can take with you. Huzzah!