My Final Goal in 2016 and How I'll Achieve It

My Final Goal in 2016 and How I’ll Achieve it

It’s December. I’m freaking the hell out that 2016 is nearly over.

There's so much more I wanted to achieve!

I’ve been so inspired by the success of others lately; the dream chasers making it a reality. I’m so inspired by this new #creative life I’ve chosen – that I’ve set myself some outrageously optimistic, yet achievable goals for the final month.

And there is one big one. One final goal that I must meet before the year is out. Something that's so far eluded me.

To complete a book. To be a published author would be a treat – but probably not that achievable in these timeframes! For now, I just want to finish.

Goodness - I’ve had novels in the pipelines for years! Occasionally growing in length, but for the most part forgotten until life gave me a breather and a mug of inspiration to continue. I’ve never fully dedicated the love, time, respect, and passion required to ever complete one.

Recently, I added another book to that list of 'to-dos'.

And I intend to finish it. In 31 days. Because this time, I’ve got all the love, time, respect and dedication required to make this shit happen.

I’m like a bull at the gate staring down a bunch of colourful clowns – I’m ready – I’m kicking the dirt at my feet – waiting to enter the arena. The main event. I am ready to charge, my friends! (I suspect the second cup of coffee I just knocked back may have a bit to do with the fire in my belly!)

Be Inspired to Take Action

I recently came across Mykel Dixon’s fabulous Call to Action – 50 Days of Creative Expression (Just Do 5omething).

Mykel committed to writing 1,000 words for 50 days. Which is great. Awesome, in fact. But I ain’t got the patience for 50 days. Too far away.

No. This is a 2016 goal. This is a 2016 book.

I’ve got 31 days left of 2016 – and a bit of work cut out for me.

Creatively speaking, December will be a quiet month. Two weeks of shutdown over the Christmas/New Year break. Most work trickling off while everyone focuses on wrapping things up for the year.

I look forward to Xmas day lolling around in my inflatable pool, turkey stuffed belly keeping me afloat. My brain dense because all the fuel is in my gut digesting that #totesamaze festive goodness I just unashamedly demolished.

So, yes, I anticipate there may be a bit of spare time to play with.

My commitment is to get this shit done – in the next 31 days.

1000 words every day. 7,000 words each week.

31,000 words in total. Enough for my book AND some.

One hour a day. It’ll be a cinch. (?)

December; be my bitch.

Will You Choose to Join the Mission?

There's an old saying 'strength in numbers'. So, I ask you to join along with me on my mission. Have you got something you want finished before the year is out? What do you keep putting off?

Are you building a cubby house? Painting the house? Knitting a jumper? Writing your own story?

Can you commit to an hour a day to indulge in your creative outlet? Will you CHOOSE to? It's only for a month.

If the answer is yes, give me a shout out on facebook or Instagram if you are going to join in the fun. Use the hashtag


Let’s keep each other accountable. Let’s show 2016 what we’re made of and cram in one more achievement. The big one.

And it all begins today.

Use the Hashtag to follow along and keep each other accountable!

Use the Hashtag to follow along and keep each other accountable!