Wish You Could Write More Creatively? Here's How You Can.

Ever since I started this copywriting adventure, I’ve been met with the same kind of response from all I meet – support, excitement, and “Oh wow. You’re so talented. I wish I could write like you”.

But that got me thinking. When exactly is it that you decide you can or can’t write? Can or can’t paint? Can or can’t draw?

That you are or aren’t creative?

My guess is you were pretty young, and it was in your school art class when Sandy, who was sitting next to you, created some bloody Picasso-esque masterpiece that the teacher held up for the whole class to ‘ooooh’ and ‘aaaah’ and it shone like a summer field next to your shitty stick figure self-portrait.

Or was it in English when you had to get up and read your poetry attempts and that bitch Sandy stood up again and read out her emotionally charged sonnet that brought everyone to tears. You stood up and rhymed about your favourite ice cream flavours.

Can’t draw. Can’t write. Not creative.

Well that just sucks people.

Because for me, writing is the ultimate form of self-expression. It brings me such delight; such wonder; such happiness to sit down and express my thoughts so creatively and to the amusement of others.

It’s my bliss-maker.

Writing takes practice

But like every skill, my writing requires practice. It requires training. Like a master pianist who practices for 5 hours every day; the Olympic swimmer who’s in the pool from 4am to midday every single day; the author who writes in their ratty journal every single chance they get - on the train, in their lunch break, on the crapper.


“But I don’t have the time – I’m so busy”. Sound familiar? Or is it "I'd love to write, but people will just laugh at what I have to say".

Meh. Excuses. If there's one thing I've learnt since I quit my day job to focus on my writing, it's to never, ever let anything stand in the way of what makes you happy.

So, here’s my challenge for you.  Learn how to write again.

Hone your creative outlet; give it a buff, polish, and shine so you can start embracing this wonderfully powerful tool for self-expression. It's time to buff your bliss-maker.

Let’s put away the excuses “not creative” “not a writer” “not a painter” once and for all and embrace the things that make us happy. Stop holding yourself back. Stop being lazy.

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